how many kits have you owned?


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Thanks... Yeah, any talk of drum purchasing is met with a lot of scowling these days by my wife. I'm fine with it, and happy with my setup. I'm only 27, I've got some time to buy more drums eventually. I just hope my kids get lots of scholarships.


Thanks... Yeah, any talk of drum purchasing is met with a lot of scowling these days by my wife. I'm fine with it, and happy with my setup. I'm only 27, I've got some time to buy more drums eventually. I just hope my kids get lots of scholarships.

Sounds like my age and situation except I don't have kids yet, but like you I'm hoping that when I do, they all get scholarships :)


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Thanks... Yeah, any talk of drum purchasing is met with a lot of scowling these days by my wife. I'm fine with it, and happy with my setup. I'm only 27, I've got some time to buy more drums eventually. I just hope my kids get lots of scholarships.

The Wife Factor is a biggie. A lot of time, wives are a hurdle to gear acquistion, lessons or anything that involves spending money.Sometimes a fast-moving "wife vortex" will open around a band member just as he is preparing to leave his house for practice, sucking him inside, and the rest of us nod gravely in understanding at his absence.

Just as often though, my wife will buy me a musical gift and she works hard to give me the time off to play.


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I am getting married next month and my fiancée got me into drumming once she knew it was my 'childhood dream' (I'm only 22). She stimulates me to take my hour a day practice and tries to give me space in purchasing drum gear (wich can be hard when you're going to have a wedding). She even insisted that I put new drumheads and a throne on our wish-list for the wedding-gifts...

I truly think I am the most blessed man on earth

Ontopic: I still own my first kit, a '97 Tama Rockstar RS in Sugar White.


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You have a Goddess there,worship her.Don't let her get away,she is the coolest.Seriously most women want you to give up drums.


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Had a Pearl Export 7 piece 3 mounted 2 floor,22 bass drum.A 7 piece Ludwig 1 14in mounted tom,1 16in floor,1 18in floor and 2 26in bass drums and a 5 piece Tama Swingstar 12 and 13 mounted and a 16 floor with a 22 in bass drum.Swingstar was my favorite kit.


Now before Gruntersdad comes in and says "Do you mean EVER or within the last year?" with some reference to me, I'll just answer :)

I've owned 10:

1992 - 1994
Sunlite 5 Piece in Blue Wrap with various Sabian, Paiste, and No Name Cymbals throughout.


1994 - 1998
Ludwig Rocker in Red Wrap with various Sabian and Zildjian Cymbals.

1998 - 2001
Tama Rockstar Custom 6 piece in Mahogany Stain with full Sabian AAX set-up. The first set I bought with money I earned myself. I sold it in 2001 and quit drumming completely until...

2002 - 2003
Yamaha Stage Custom 5-piece in Natural with Pearl Omar Hakim snare and various Zildjian cymbals.


2003 - 2005
Yamaha Oak Custom 5-piece (mostly used as 4-piece) in Blue Ridge Blue Oak with Yamaha Musashi Snare and various Zildjian, and then Sabian cymbals.

2005 - 2006
Pacific CX in White Onyx with Yamaha Musashi Snare and various Sabian Cymbals.

2006 - 2007
Gretsch Catalina Club Birch 5-piece in Chestnut Fade with Yamaha Musashi Snare and various Sabian and Bosphorus cymbals.

February 2007 - July 2007
Gretsch Renown 6-piece (mostly used as a 4-piece) in CherryBurst with Saluda Birch Snare and various Bosphorus Cymbals.

July 2007 - August 2007
Gretsch Catalina Club 4-piece in White Marine Pearl with Ludwig Supraphonic and various Bosphorus Cymbals.

August 2007 - Present
Gretsch New Classic in Ivory Marine Pearl with Gretsch Hammered Black Chrome Steel, Ludwig Acrolite, and McKenzie Steambent Myrtle snares with various Bosphorus cymbals.

Total is now 12.

These two at the present:

Unix Mahogany Stave


Taye Pro-X


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Way too many. I've been through tons. I'll name a few I remember off the top of my head. Some are sold, some I still have.

Tama Superstar Custom
Yamaha Birch Custom
Tama Starclassic birch (Japan model- NOT performer, long since been gone from Tama and my collection)
Old pink DW I never liked
Tama Imperialstar ( I think it was an '89 model? Not sure)
Sonor designers maple
Chucks Garage custom drums, a long gone drum maker (he was my neighbor and a good bud, so I baught a kit)
Enforcer/Sound Percussion
Gretch Catalina Birch
Taye Studio-X
Mapex Saturn
Tama Artstar II (Lars Ulrich Signature kit, sold it because I hated the mountings)
Ddrum Dominion Maple & ash
Royce drum set
Pearl Masters MRX
C&C custom kit (modeled after Vinnie Paul's kit)
Pork Pie little squealer (waste of money and space, I have no idea why I even bothered)
A nameless drum set (biggest mistake ever)
Tama Starclassic Performer
Pearl President (At least, thats what I think it was)

And now, my pride and joy:

Tama Starclassic Performer Hybrid (Birch/Bubinga)


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I've owned a couple. I thought I was bad at holding onto a kit until I saw other posts!

1) CB black with b8 cymbals
2) Tama Rockstar Custom honey fade or something like that
3) Mapex Pro M Maple cherry red
4) Tama Superstar EFX white silky something or other
5) Destructive Drums custom electric silver sparkle

btw the custom kit is for sale, 1000 dollars!!! After it's sold, onto my next kit....

Brotherhood Custom Drums

24x22 bass
13x9 tom
16x16 tom

antique white pearl with matching wood hoops and tear drop lugs.



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First, Bermuda, Pics man Pics please!!!

What I've gotten rid of:
US Mercury- 20,12,16 that I later added a 22 & 13 '57 Ludwigs to ( I miss the ' Wigs)

2 imports in red sparkle combined as one - 22, 22,12,12,13,13,16,16 (Whitehall & Appollo)

White Pearl pre-Export import type - 22, 10,12, 13 racks, 14 & 16 flrs

What I still have:
Tama Imperialstar in Midnight Blue octaplus - 24,24,6-16 concert toms, 18 fl

Late 70's Ludwig in Black cortex that's become my "wedding kit" - 24, 24, 10,12,14 racks, 13, 15, 16 & 18 floors in custom Voelker cage and electronics
Humboldt 8.jpg

Late 70's Ludwig that was pieced together by miracle in black cortex - 26, 26, 8, 10, 12 racks, 14, 16 & 20 floors

Late 70's Ludwig in black cortex ( I see a pattern) left over pieces from the first two - 24, 13 rack, 15 & 18 flrs

Late 60's Ludwig Standard in Ruby strata that I am overhauling, these all have Classic lugs instead of the bullet/rocker ones that were common - 22, 22, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13 double
headed racks, 14 & 16 floors

Import Tempro's in Ruby Strata - 20, 12, 16

Ludwig Accent Custom Elite in Amber Gloss that I paid $250 for brand new - 22, 22, 10, 12, & 14, 16 w/ matching 6.5" snare

Hart Acupad Electronic kit

Snares are another thread.....
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...Drums that I considered "mine", 8.

Hayman, Canwood, Canwood, deedub, deedub, deedub, deedub, deedub.

Over the years I have bought, fixed up, and sold too many drums to list off hand. If I ever go on a search and destroy mission through my old photo tubs, I could probably find a picture of nearly every drum and cymbal I have owned.

This should be a link to a webshot page that has some of the kits that I have owned, with the exception of the Champagne Sparkle Ludwigs, that belong to my brother.

Right now I have four complete deedub kits, plus my franken kit.

I keep telling myself that there will be no more drums for me, but then I also tell myself that I want to lose twenty pounds, and start jogging.



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Ludwig 1965
Rogers 1978
Tama 1984
Tama 1986
Mapex 1991
Mapex 2006


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1967 Kent Champagne Sparkle
1959 Ludwig Blue Sparkle
1975 Pearl White wood-fiberglass
1981 Pearl Black MX maple shell
1986 Remo Grey Encore
1988 Pearl Sequoia Red MLX
1988 Pearl White BLX
19?? RotoTom kit
2005 Pearl Sunburst Masters BRX
2007 DW Tequila Sunrise VLT Collectors
2007 PDP Silver Sparkle-to-Black Fade X7


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I had an old '60's era (Pearl white) Ludwig 4pc that I "worked off" working for a house painter
(I wish I had kept it).

Recently rediscovered music in '04 and bought a Gretsch Catalina Birch 5pc w/add on 16x16.
Traded in for a Gretsch "Catalina Club" 4pc (Pearl White).
Traded in for a Tama Stage Star Custom EFX (Pearl White).
(It's going on eBay soon)
Ordered another Gretsch, Catalina Maple 6pc (Deep Amber)
I also have a Roland TD-20s (Black) used for practice.
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I owned a Peavey International Series II as my beginners for about 4 years, and just this past Christmas I sold it and bought a Tama Starclassic Bubinga Series. AND I'M LOVING IT XD


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1968 La Boz (sold to a friend)
1971 Slingerland (Still own but beat up pretty good from the road)
1984 Simmons SDS8 (Still own, collecting dust)
1990 Yamaha Rock Custom Tour (Sold to my nephew)
1992 Yamaha Club Custom (For Sale..Interested?)
2006 Pearl MMX Maple (Sold to my brother, he loves them. Great drums)
2007 Yamaha Absolute maple - birch - beech (Currently my gigging kit)
2008 Yamaha Oak Customs (soon to arrive, will share the duties with the Absolutes)

And only two wife's in all that time, not too bad huh? :)