how many kits have you owned?


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!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

For me, so far i've owned 1.5 kits,

0.5 :

-rototoms (6-8-10)
-cardboard bass drum
-awful metal snare
-hihat with 13" Orion twister

changed the cardboard bass drum to a 1 headed old "real" noname bass drum refinished by my father

+1 :

2005-2006 up to now

Pearl EX

Not one Paiste huh? Wow!


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1) Thunder 5pc - your quintessential mystery-meat beginner set with the good old-style tom arms way into the toms and bass drums; plenty of fittings that were missing screws directly from the factory, ply separation, bad bearing edges, etc. Sold many years ago.
2) Tama Starclassic Birch - still owned.
3) Taye GoKit - still own. Use for light schleppery and when I'm playing with some friends in OC and don't want to deal with the whole shebang.
4) Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz - recent acquisition. This kit is going to live at work so I can play it and whatever guests we have can play it, without me having the worry that someone's going to wreck it. (And it's actually surprisingly nice with good heads on.)

This year I'm saving up the pennies and going to go on a listening tour; I'd like to get another high-end kit (and may unload one of the others). I know most of the major kits; I still want to hear the DW Jazz series and a set of Ludwig Legacy Classics -- and if I can find another Craviotto to listen to, I'd love to. Don't know where I'll hear all these, though.

Cymbals -- no list available. Four cases or so of Paistes; I need to find a better storage solution.


Just 2...

A White sparkle Sonor 3003

And my new Mapex Saturn in Rootbeer Burst


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I've had 4 kits over the years.

The first was a Rogers 3 piece, gold sparkle, bought used in 1967.

Next was a Ludwig 1964 4 piece white pearl: 20" bass, 10" tom, 14" floor, and a 5" wood snare. I bought that in 1969 and kept it until 1980.

In 1980 I bought a Rogers 5 piece used: Solid white with a chrome snare. I sold that on in 1984.

My current kit I bought new in 1990: a 5 piece Ludwig Super Classic, Charcoal Shadow finish. I really LIKE this kit! Looks great and sounds great!


ive had 6

1- Old ludwig
2- Another ludwig
3 - Pearl efx
4 - Tama imp
6 - Tama starclassic bubinga.



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1-no name peice of junk that sounded descent with remo coated emperors
2-Tama superstar custom kit, amazing kit, which I own as we speak!


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i have owned 2 kits.
1. Dixon Tempo which actually sounded pretty damn good with some coated ambassadors and a powerstroke 3 on the kick (currently used as a gig kit)

2. TAMA Superstar Hyperdrive which i cant get enough of
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1. LaPlaya Blue Sparkle 12/16/22 (sold)
2. CB White 12/13/16/22 (sold)
3. Premier Black Diamond Pearl 13/16/22 (still have)
4. Slingerland 70's chrome 12/13/16/20 (traded for #5)
5. Pearl Export 12/13/16/22 gray (traded for #7)
6. Gretsch 70's 12/13/16/22 blue marble (traded for #8)
7. Ludwig early 70's 3-ply oyster blue 12/13/16/22 (sold to some d*ckhead in NY)
8. Ludwig green vistalites 12/13/14/15 (sold to Cheri Willoughby)
9. Ludwig stainless steel 12/15/18/26 (sold)
10. Premier birch 12/15/18/20 (current gig kit)
11. "Mashup" stainless steel : 14" Premier stainless steel floor tom w/ 18" Luddy stainless steel bass. (current kit with my folk/rock band)

My next investment will be a Sonor SQ2, then again I need a new car first.


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1. Mid 60's Gretsch White Pearl
2. 2006 TAYE ProX Blue Crush Sparkle
3. 2007 Gretsch Renown Maple Cherry-Burst
4. Self re-furbed Frankenstein kit from four different brands.
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1965 - Top left - That's me on my first kit - a Japanese kit of some kind - about $300 then. This is the only exsiting photo of me and those drums.

1972 - Top Right - Gretsch Satin Flame 5pc - the 2nd bass was added on for practice at that time - never giged with it. There are only two photos of these drums in existance.

2007 Middle photo - Photo taken just before this Christmas. That's me clowning around on my new, latest greatest retirement-gift-to-me. I Quit playing in 1976 until May 2007 when I ordered this 6pc Gretsch Renown Purewood African Mahogany shellpack. They're really nice and sound spectacular!

Bottom photo taken Jan 18th this year shows the ever-growing kit so far.


  • Gary on 1st drum set 1965 web size.jpg.JPG
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  • Gary on my new Gretsch drums Dec 9th 2007l.JPG
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  • kit view Jan 18 08 mail.JPG
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^^Sweet!^^ I love drumming-through-the-ages pictures like those. I especially like the 1969 photo.


I had to change (EDIT) that date it's 1972 not 1969.

It's amazing how times have changed. I have 1000 photos of my new kit, but back in the day - I didn't even own a camera and there were not that many people - at least in my hometown - that were taking photos let-alone video! That's too bad I think.


I may have to edit my post some time this year....



around 1993 or 1994
I got a Premier 60s kit. 20-12-16. Of course, the heads were METRIC!!! So normal heads did not fit the 16"ish sized tom. So I had to get a separate Kent 16" floor tom. The Premiers were kind of a blue/green sparkle. The Kent floor tom was red sparkle.

Around 1995 I got a Mapex kit. I bought it from a pre-existing giant double bass kit. It was 22-10-14, with a hanging 14. After a while I found a used Yamaha Birch 20" kick. I got that, expecting to put together a piece by piece Yamaha kit, but I just ran the 20-10-14 until...

1997 I got a 60s Rogers Holiday in Champagne Sparkle. 20-12-16. That kit was amazing, and I used and loved it until I realized that playing loud rock in stinky punk rock clubs would destroy it. Then I walked into the drum center of Indianapolis and found

DW maple kit, recovered in white Satin flame. 14 x 20, 8x10, 12x14 floor. That kit was AMAZING. All my drum lust was gone. I used it non-stop until late 2002 when I quit the band in which I played drums. In 2004, with an impending marriage, immense debt, no band, andlack of rent, I sold the kit.

I got my current kit, oh, a week ago.
Red sparkle Ludwig Birch Classic 16x 20, 8x10, 8x12, 14x14. The drummer for the band in which I play bass had an identical kit, minus the 8 x 10. I love it. In fact, I think I like the sound of it more than my DWs.

So, I need bags... and a wood snare.

Ben Adrian


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As best as I can remember... These were all bought and sold over the last few years. I've indicated which two I still have. Luckily my kit-buying addiction has subsided somewhat, ironically at the same time my first child arrived.

1967 Ludwig Silver Sparkle 5 piece...

Pearl Session Series 5 piece...

Premier Cabria 4 piece...

Gretsch Catalina Club 4 piece...

Sonor Jungle Kit...

Roland TD-6 E-kit...

Tama Rockstar 6 piece (still have for messy gigs)...

Yamaha Cocktail kit, Rick Marotta Hip-gig, Al Foster Hip gig...

Another Sonor Jungle kit with a matching 12" tom...

Drummers World Custom Nesting Kit (primary)...

Snares: Ludwig Supraphonic 14X5, Gretsch free-floater14X5.5, PDP popcorn 10X5, Pearl Omar Hakim Mahagony 13X5, Pearl brass piccolo 13X3

Cymbals: All kinds


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Garvin !

Some serious buying and selling there.

Congrats on the fatherhood adventure.

My addiction is starting again - my children are grown and mostly left home now.

Happy drumming to you,