how many kits have you owned?


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Rob? Yep, I've still got that one!

wait a minute - you've got 516, and you've gotten rid of some more along the way????

Also curious - are they all potential 'players' or do you have some for just collectible reasons?


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wait a minute - you've got 516, and you've gotten rid of some more along the way????

Also curious - are they all potential 'players' or do you have some for just collectible reasons?

I haven't let go of any cymbals in years... which is why I have so many.

All are players, some are rare and collectable as well, but I have one that's not in inventory - a Sabian Vault cymbal signed to me by Bob Zildjian.



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Sonor "Action series" late 70'
DW natural maple
Pearl Birch set
Premier XPK
Now I own
Gretsch Catalina Birch
Self made Keller shell set
Sonor jungle set


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6 over my lifespan

Shiro - blue metallic, baswood
Yamaha recording custom - piano black, birch
Tama starclassic performer/maple - honey/amber gold, birch/maple
Sonor 3003 - black sparkle, maple/baswood
Tama starclassic performer/maple (again) - dark cherry fade, birch/maple
Dw collectors - Broken glass, maple
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Sheesh, I didn't even think cymbals.....though a couple of you have seriously impressive collections. mine from 1984 to present are: (What I remember)

14" camber hi hats
20" camber ride
16" sabian B8 Crash
14" camber nickel silver hi hats
12" zildjian a splash
15" paiste 505 hi hats
16" zildjian medium crash (got in trade for the sabian B8)
18" Zildjian Z crash
20" zildjian medium ride
16" 1950's zildjian K constantinople crash (Later sold for $125) (STUPID ME) but I was young.
20" zildjian medium thin crash circa 1970's (I still have this one)
20" zildjian medium crash (Circa 1970's)
17" zildjian medium crash (I still have)
8" K splash (I still have)
10" k splash
10" A custom splash ( I still have)
13" K/Z hi hats
14" zildjian rock hats
15" zildjian medium hats
8" EFX
10" EFX (I still have)
10" ZBT splash (I still have)
6" zil bel (I still have)
9" ice bell (I still have)
6" sheung by rancan
12" wuhan china (Stolen from me)
2, 18" wuhan china's
17" wuhan china (I still have)
16" and 18" rancan lion chinas
16" Z rock crash
22" Zildjian earth ride
16" zildjian thin crash
20" zildjian med ride
21" sabian rock ride
20" zildjian Earth ride
18" zildjian rock crash (I still have)
10" K constantinople china (Reformed from a broken 16" crash (I still have)
22" Z power ride (I still have)
21" Zildjian rock ride (I still have)
20" zildjian Oriental china (I still have)
18" ZBT china (I still have)
18" china boy low
20" china boy high
14" zildjian rock hats (I still have)

so that I can remember, 26 since 1984?


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So far...6, two of which I currently still have.

1. Pearl Forum 5pc
2. PDP EZ 5pc
3. DW Collector's 6pc (still own)
4. DW 90's era (Keller) 5pc
5. Roland TD-3
6. Ludwig USA Maple 4pc (still own)

Someday soon, I'll hopefully have a Unix 4 or 5 pc. The snare is (hopefully) on the way!


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Ok, you asked for it. This is to the best of my knowledge and more or less in order. Any cymbal with #1 or #2 next to it means I had two of them at the same time. This spans from 1992 - Present.

14" No Name Hi-hats (well they had a name but they were unheard of and I forget the name)
14" Camber Hi-Hats
16" Sabian B8-Pro Medium Crash
18" Sabian AA Medium-Thin Crash
18" Camber Crash/Ride
20" Paiste ColorSound Ride (Red)
20" Sabian AA Medium Ride
14" Zildjian New Beat Hi-hats
16" Zildjian Medium-Thin Crash
18" Zildjian Medium-Thin Crash
18" Zildjian Medium Crash
12" Zildjian Splash
18" Zildjian China Boy High
14" Sabian AAX Metal hats
10" Sabian AAX Metal Splash
18" Sabian AAX Metal Crash #1
18" Sabian AAX Metal Crash #2
16" Sabian AAX Metal Crash
20" Sabian AAX Metal Ride
18" Sabian AA China
19" Sabian Xtreme China
18" Sabian Rocktagon
20" Zildjian Z Custom Medium Ride
14" Zildjian A QuickBeat/Z Dyno Beat Combo Hi-Hat
16" Zildjian K Dark Medium-Thin Crash
18" Zildjian K Dark Medium Crash
16" Wuhan China
20" Wuhan China
6" Zildjian A Splash
8" Zildjian A Extra-Thin Splash
10" Zildjian A Extra-Thin Splash
13" Zildjian A Quick Beat Hi-hat #1
13" Zildjian A Quick Beat Hi-hat #2
18" Zildjian A Crash/Ride
16" Zildjian A Medium-Thin Crash
20" Zildjian A Medium Ride
22" Zildjian K Custom Medium Ride
17" Zildjian K Custom Dark Medium-Thin Crash
16" Zildjian Oriental China Trash
8" Zildjian A Custom Splash
14" Zildjian A Quick Beat Hi-hats
15" Zildjian K Custom Dark Thin Crash
14" Sabian HHX Groove Hi-hats
19" Sabian HHXtreme Crash
21" Sabian HHX Groove Ride
10" Sabian HHX Splash
17" Saluda Blackened Mist-X Custom Crash
14" Bosphorus Turk Light/Crisp Hi-Hats
19" Bosphorus Turk Thin Ride
20" Bosphorus Turk Medium Ride
9" Bosphorus Turk Splash
20" Bosphorus Turk Thin China (only owned for about two weeks)
12" Bosphorus Turk Regular/Dark Hi-Hats
17" Bosphorus Turk Medium-Thin Crash
15" Bosphorus Masters Hi-hats
19" Bosphorus Antique Thin Ride
21" Bosphorus New Orleans Ride
21" Bosphorus Medium-Thin Ride
20" Bosphorus Stanton Moore Trash Crash
10" Bosphorus Antique Splash
18" Bosphorus Antique Medium-Thin Crash
20" Bosphorus New Orleans Ride

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

For me, so far i've owned 1.5 kits,

0.5 :

-rototoms (6-8-10)
-cardboard bass drum
-awful metal snare
-hihat with 13" Orion twister

changed the cardboard bass drum to a 1 headed old "real" noname bass drum refinished by my father

+1 :

2005-2006 up to now

Pearl EX


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Woah...could have one or two (or 10?). Where do you store them??
I keep most of them in wood 'racks' I made. Another 75 or so are offsite or not yet filed.

Sorry, but none of them are available as gifts or for sale.



I keep most of them in wood 'racks' I made. Another 75 or so are offsite or not yet filed.

Sorry, but none of them are available as gifts or for sale.


I'm picturing a wine cellar like layout, only with cymbals. Is that correct? :)


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Let's see, my kits have been:

Late 80's
CB700 5 piece with camber cymbals, with Ludwig add-on toms that didn't match.
I added/upgraded cymbals to used sabian and zildjian stuff, no idea what those were.

Early to late 90's
Mapex Mars 5 piece, with Sabian B8 pro hats, ride and crash. All used stuff. This set eventually succumbed to the effects of neglect. I dragged this set all over the place usually in the back of my pickup, rain or shine. Stored it in barn at my parents, not the best place to store things. I pulled it out and jammed every so often, but when Before I purchased the following, I returned to determine its viability after several years of not touching them, they were beyond repair. Only thing salvagable were the shells themselves, not worth the effort.

Yamaha DTXpressIII with 2 extra cymbal pads. This was my "getting back into it" purchase. Living in a townhouse, it was the obvious choice.
DDrum diablo punx with an add-on tom making it a six piece. All Sabian B8 cymbals.
I had never heard of DDrum accoustics, so I took a chance and bought these. These were bought to play with others, I had tried with the electronic set and a 120watt amp, but it just wasn't the same. I spent a lot of money on these, upgrading the hardware, heads, rims to 2.3 mm black chrome superhoops, but they just didn't do it for me.
I was eyeing a Zep set when I decided to buy accoustics, and didn't because of the price. I couldn't stand it anymore, so I bought what I really wanted...

2006 to present
Ludwig Classic Maple Zep set in purple sparkle, Paiste 2002, 15" sound edge hats, 24" ride, 18" and 20" medium crashes, and LP cowbell. I also have a World Max Blackhawg, 6.5X14 snare I bought during the DDrum era to replace the horrible stock snare. It is the only thing I kept from the previous set, except for my Pearl stands, I was really impressed with the sound and quality of it. I have Protection Racket bags for this set. It's my "keeper". Eventually added a wuhan 28" gong. I plan on buying a 16" medium crash one day, just to round the cymbals out, but I don't "need" it. Maybe some other percussion items later on.


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I keep most of them in wood 'racks' I made. Another 75 or so are offsite or not yet filed.

Sorry, but none of them are available as gifts or for sale.


I hope your an afficionado of cymbals with patina - I'd hate to be the guy who has to keep them all polished. :)

Disco Stu

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-rototoms (6-8-10)
-cardboard bass drum
-awful metal snare
-hihat with 13" Orion twister
Sweet! I remember trying to improvise a drum kit with a crappy snare, a practice pad, an overturned plastic wastebasket, and a lid from a pot...mounted on the tripod from a music stand, I think. I never thought of the cardboard bass drum. I just tapped my foot.

Beyond that, I'm on my third kit in 25 years or so:

CB700 5-piece
Tama Imperialstar 7-piece
Spaun 4-piece

I don't think I'll be buying another kit anytime soon. I'm quite happy with my current kit. Besides, it seems like I'm spending all my spare money on accessories lately like sticks, heads, drum bags, stick bag, cymbal bag, hardware bag, etc. That kind of stuff really adds up.

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I've had 3

in order:

80's Rogers R360 5 piece
Roland TD-7 Turbo
2001 Pacific LX 6 piece

I had too many after-work beers to list my cymbal collection at the moment, but I can say I've never SOLD a cymbal. I have like 5 of everything... Just the way I like it.

I would like to see an itemized list of this 500 odd cymbal collection though... I'm sure I'd see a couple familiar ones in there...


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As at today - I have 5 Kits

1960s (4pc) Rossini Jazz Kit
1980 (5pcs) Yamaha 5 Series
1982 (7pcs) Pearl MLX
1995 (9pcs) Yamaha Stage Custom
2006 (4pcs) Gretsch Catalina Club Jazz Kit.

Cymbals are all Paiste Sig, Paiste New Sig & Bosphorus Master, Antique & Traditional Series.


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196? 5 piece Slingerland brown sparkled beauties
1966 6 piece Ludwig black oyster (ala Ringo) double bass kit
1978 9 piece candy apple red Slingerlands (wouldn't leave home without them)
196? Ludwig/Tama/Pearl jazz kit
1995 Roland piece of junk electric kit (never do that again)