how many kits have you owned?


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k... now seri0us... seriously :p.

2 kits:

- Peavey International Series (with Peavey... 'cymbals' - yeah i guess, that in this context we could call those things that way:p)

- Gretsch Catalina Club
+ Ludwig Supraphonic snare
+ Gretsch Round Badge snare
+ Bosphorus Cymbals
+ 20' Slingerland bass drum (FROM THA 60'S G!) in a few days probably


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well before i got the gretsch i thought it (peavey) was pretty cool... so, you know, black and stuff... and the sound... well i used to tune it for one and a half hour, pissing off the rest of the band, but, yeah... i was so young and beautiful then... ;P

to be honest though, i must say i heard this set with an emad on the bass drum once, and it sounded REALLY sweet! and i mean it :). that was pretty much of a shock for me. i never totally recovered mental stability after i heard this :p.


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Now before Gruntersdad comes in and says "Do you mean EVER or within the last year?" with some reference to me, I'll just answer :)...

...with various Bosphorus cymbals.
Rob - we only kid you out of envy. (and just a little curious about how many cymbals you've had in the same time) :)

For me - 2 kits.

4 pc - Coronet (one the names that Pearl used in the early 60's), 10-14 toms, 20" bass, (switched all the hardware to Ludwig) w/ a 5x14 Supraphonic snare. Ghost BD pedal, Slingerland hi-hat pedal. 20" ride, 18" crash, 14" hats, all Avedis Zildjian.

finally gave that one away to my nephew when he was interested in learning drums (but not the Supra).

currently -
5 pc - Tama Starclassic Performer. 10-12-14, 18" bass, 5-1/2x14 Tama SC snare. Iron Cobra pedals. Still have the same cymbals but have added a Sabian 10" HHX Evo splash, Istanbul Agop 16" Traditional thin crash and a 16" Wuhan china.


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Have owned and sold over the years

Pre CBS rogers 6 piece i Black Onyx
2- 9 piced TAMA granstar Customs
9 piece TAMA artstar II
6 piece DW Colletors

Currently own:

2- DW collectors 7 piece
11 piece vinatge TAMA superstar
Roland TD-20 kit

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2 So far.

1st- 5 peice CB set that i made sound surprisingly nice with a good tuning job out of the ambassodors

2nd (current)- 7 piece Pearl Session... Awesome.


(and just a little curious about how many cymbals you've had in the same time) :)
Ok, you asked for it. This is to the best of my knowledge and more or less in order. Any cymbal with #1 or #2 next to it means I had two of them at the same time. This spans from 1992 - Present.

14" No Name Hi-hats (well they had a name but they were unheard of and I forget the name)
14" Camber Hi-Hats
16" Sabian B8-Pro Medium Crash
18" Sabian AA Medium-Thin Crash
18" Camber Crash/Ride
20" Paiste ColorSound Ride (Red)
20" Sabian AA Medium Ride
14" Zildjian New Beat Hi-hats
16" Zildjian Medium-Thin Crash
18" Zildjian Medium-Thin Crash
18" Zildjian Medium Crash
12" Zildjian Splash
18" Zildjian China Boy High
14" Sabian AAX Metal hats
10" Sabian AAX Metal Splash
18" Sabian AAX Metal Crash #1
18" Sabian AAX Metal Crash #2
16" Sabian AAX Metal Crash
20" Sabian AAX Metal Ride
18" Sabian AA China
19" Sabian Xtreme China
18" Sabian Rocktagon
20" Zildjian Z Custom Medium Ride
14" Zildjian A QuickBeat/Z Dyno Beat Combo Hi-Hat
16" Zildjian K Dark Medium-Thin Crash
18" Zildjian K Dark Medium Crash
16" Wuhan China
20" Wuhan China
6" Zildjian A Splash
8" Zildjian A Extra-Thin Splash
10" Zildjian A Extra-Thin Splash
13" Zildjian A Quick Beat Hi-hat #1
13" Zildjian A Quick Beat Hi-hat #2
18" Zildjian A Crash/Ride
16" Zildjian A Medium-Thin Crash
20" Zildjian A Medium Ride
22" Zildjian K Custom Medium Ride
17" Zildjian K Custom Dark Medium-Thin Crash
16" Zildjian Oriental China Trash
8" Zildjian A Custom Splash
14" Zildjian A Quick Beat Hi-hats
15" Zildjian K Custom Dark Thin Crash
14" Sabian HHX Groove Hi-hats
19" Sabian HHXtreme Crash
21" Sabian HHX Groove Ride
10" Sabian HHX Splash
17" Saluda Blackened Mist-X Custom Crash
14" Bosphorus Turk Light/Crisp Hi-Hats
19" Bosphorus Turk Thin Ride
20" Bosphorus Turk Medium Ride
9" Bosphorus Turk Splash
20" Bosphorus Turk Thin China (only owned for about two weeks)
12" Bosphorus Turk Regular/Dark Hi-Hats
17" Bosphorus Turk Medium-Thin Crash
15" Bosphorus Masters Hi-hats
19" Bosphorus Antique Thin Ride
21" Bosphorus New Orleans Ride
21" Bosphorus Medium-Thin Ride
20" Bosphorus Stanton Moore Trash Crash
10" Bosphorus Antique Splash
18" Bosphorus Antique Medium-Thin Crash
20" Bosphorus New Orleans Ride


*edit* I forgot one! 10" Sabian HHX Splash. I actually still have it sitting around doing nothing.

So that makes it 62.....and if you count the 20" Bosphorus Traditional China that I tried for a few days before I settled on the Stanton Moore Trash Crash, 63.
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I've been playing for over 25 years and I've only owned 3 kits. My first was a cheap beginner kit. I think I paid $100 for it used. I played that kit for about 2 years. My next kit was a custom made double kick kit. 2 X 24" kicks, 12", 13", 14" toms, 16" FT in piano black wrap. I still have pieces of that kit, but a bought a Mapex Pro-M (my current kit) 2 years ago.

I bought my forth kit several months ago. It's a Tama Starclassic B/B kit in Dark Cherry Fade 2 up, 2 down configuration. I now use the Mapex for gigs and the Tama for rehearsal.
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oops, I forgot one. ....... I built it up and gifted it out. Nice mid 70s Rogers kit. Current total is still 7.

Cymbals...... oh boy.

14" Paiste 2002 Heavy Hats
18" Paiste 2002 Crash
20" Paiste 2002 Ride
6" A Zildjian Splash
16" A Zildian Thin Crash
20" A Zildjian Earth Ride
17" Paiste 2002 Crash
20" Paiste 2002 China
22" Paiste 2002 Power Ride
16" Sabian B8 Pro Crash
18" Sabian B8 Pro Medium Crash
18" Sabian B8 Pro Crash
14" K Custom Dark Top/A Custom Projection Bottom
12" Paiste 2002 Splash
16" Paiste Signature Crystal Crash
18" Paiste Signature Mellow Crash
20" Paiste Signature Bright Ride
22" Paiste Signature Power Ride
21" Paiste Signature Dry Heavy Ride
17" K Zildjian Dark Crash Thin...... bought it used, it had a hairline crack I just did not see. Gave it to a kid in the community
15" Paiste 2002 Sound Edge Hats
14/16 Paiste Noiseworks
13" Paiste Traditional Medium Hats
16" Paiste Traditional Crash
18" Paiste Traditional Crash
20" Paiste Traditional Ride
16" K Custom Dark Crash
18" K Custom Dark Crash
20" K Custom Dark Ride
21" K Custom Special Dry Ride
22" K Custom High Definition Ride
20" K Custom Dry Ride
20" Paiste Signature Dry Dark Ride
10" K Custom dark Splash
14" Paiste Signature Dark Crisp Hats
16" Paiste Signature Fast Crash
14" Paiste 2002 Sound Edge Hats
16" Paiste 2002 Crash
18" Paiste 2002 Crash
18" Paiste 2002 Thin China
24" Paiste 2002 Ride

That be 41.
I might have missed a couple. Plus two full sets of low end stuff I gave to kids.

Currently only have the bottom seven.
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Imagine If rob and the Ploughman arranged all their cymbals in a straight line..........woah!

Nobody would go to see the Great Wall of China anymore.
four so far.
Percussion Plus 5 piece - crap. sold it.
Gretsch Catalina Birch 5 piece in dark walnut- my favorite kit.
Rogers 4 piece black.
some crappy kit someone gave me which in turn i gave to a friend so he could learn to play.

the only reason i bought the Rogers was because it came with a 20 lug steel 6 1/2 x 14 Gretsch snare from the early 70's and some older A customs.. i got the kit for $400 so i was happy about it.. the snare is my favorite thing in the world.. no joke.

so i guess i own two currently.


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They'd be 1/5 towards my collection... I have 516 (so far.) :)

Yeah, add yours to Rob & Ploughman's and we could build a bronze staircase to the moon.....yet another stairway to heaven.

You are all sick people!!! and I'm so jealous!!! ; )
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Yikes this should stretch the old noggin...

no-named 5 pc
CB700 6 pc

Tama Superstar Mahogany 9 pc
Yamaha 9000 (?) series 8 pc
Yamaha 6.5 x 14 Recording Custom snares
Tama 6.5 x 14 Bell Brass snare

DW Collectors 7 pc
Yamaha Beech Custom 7pc
(Sadly, I never got much playing time on either of these beautiful kits.. I had them for awhile, but was going through a separation, reconciliation, then divorce and never played them.. in the end.. they were both sold with less than 20 hours total playing time)

Yamaha Recording Custom 6 pc, (toms and kick), with the following:
Yamaha Dave Weckl signature snare, (Copper plated stainless steel shell)
DW 5 x 12 Collectors snare natural maple
DW 6 x 13 quilted maple Edge snare (with mini-lugs) :-D

More to come ;-)


They'd be 1/5 towards my collection... I have 516 (so far.) :)

You actually bought the 16" Zildjian K Dark Medium-Thin Crash that I listed above from me years ago, back on the forum I believe.

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm impressed that you can remember all of them. And I'll definitely ask you for advice next time I'm looking at buying cymbals - you've covered a pretty full range of options.
I forgot one. 10" Sabian HHX Splash. I still have that. I keep forgetting to sell it. I'm almost tempted just to give it away.

I readjusted the count to reflect *lol* I can't believe I remember them all either. But most of them were owned with a particular kit so I guess it was easier to group and remember. It seems like every time I buy a new set I buy new cymbals with it too *lol*


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Tama Rockstar
Tama Starclassic Performer
Pork Pie 7 piece
Roland TD-12
DW Exotic
...and a Sonor SQ2 on the way