How many kits do you own?

How many drum kits do you own?

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    Votes: 21 25.0%
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    Votes: 24 28.6%
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    Votes: 15 17.9%
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    Votes: 12 14.3%
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    Votes: 4 4.8%
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    Votes: 3 3.6%
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    Votes: 2 2.4%
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Ryan Culberson

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Ryno - love the Camco!
Guessing you got from Dana?

If so he’s got what looks like the rest of your Chanute natural finished outfit though not in your wanted sizes.

He has a 14”, 15”, and a whopper 20” floor.
I’d keep checking with him.

Yessir, mine were part of that kit. No need for those sizes and he was kind enough to split it up for me. I use a 3-piece kit 90+% of the time anyway, so the missing tom isn’t really a big deal. Plus, it gives me something to hunt for! LOL


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Four kits. They each do completely different things.
My philosophy is it is better to own one absolutely killer drum set, than a dozen OK kits.
You can own as many kits as your playing requires. For example a rock kit for rock and pop playing and a jazz kit for jazz playing.
I see too many people with huge collections of OK kits, with few standouts. That's their choice, I'm just posting my opinion.

What kits do you have, Chris?


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1. DW Collectors circa 2005
2. Ludwig circa 60s
3. Ludwig Vitalste circa 70s
4. Roland E-kit for practice


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1. Early 70's Ludwig Vistalite
2. 2008 Tama MIJ Starclassic Performer Birch (Limited edition paint job - only 30 made.)
3. 2016 Tama Starclassic Performer B/B


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I have one kit which is a Pearl BLX in Sequoia Red in 22/16/13/12 with a Pearl Jupiter snare and Paiste 602 Modern Essentials in 20in ride, 18in & 16 in crash, 8in splash and 15in HiHats.

However I also keep a spare set of cheap cymbals and a mapex snare in the car to take to band practice.

C.M. Jones

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I have one kit which is a Pearl BLX in Sequoia Red in 22/16/13/12 with a Pearl Jupiter snare and Paiste 602 Modern Essentials in 20in ride, 18in & 16 in crash, 8in splash and 15in HiHats.

However I also keep a spare set of cheap cymbals and a mapex snare in the car to take to band practice.
I had a Pearl BLX in Arctic White that I liked a lot. Incredible drums. I'm not one to regret parting with gear, but that set might have been worth keeping when I look back on it.


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How do you like those Canopus drums?

I'll try not to make a long winded post, I like them alot. Build quality is superb, they really obsessed on shell tone to custom ply, RF shape and bearing edge to fit as a group...but overall its a thin maple shell throughout w/ the reinforcement. I haven't owned alot of kits, my only other in the quality range was a N&C Horizon. But I can say these are the easiest to tune drums I've had, and don't have to tweek the tunings after hitting heavy either. When played lightly or bop like, they play really nicely (would not trade for a Neo Vintage) but laying in, they almost have a natural compression without anything annoying or lingering that I don't like...I'm guessing this is the thin shell engaging the RF to shape the attack. Canopus was completely out my radar for many years....even got their 6.5 BB snare recently, plays just as great and easy.


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I currently have 5 shell packs but one is for sale. I have probably enough hardware to make 3 full kits.

pocket player

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1) Gretsch usa 5pc
2) Gretsch Catalina Club 4pc
3) Yamaha Stage custom Birch 6pc
4) Ludwig Standard 4pc : ( i am restoring this kit it was my first name brand kit when i was a kid 1972 )
Modern Gretsch Renown
70’s amber Visalites with matching snare that I got for free but invested in bringing up to gigging spec.
70’s Camco’s that I got for $50 but invested in refinishing and bringing up to gigging spec.
90’s Premiere kit with 20”x 8” kik that I use for shallow stages.
Roland TD 20 that I use for home practice.
They all sound excellent, except the Rolands. They also feel shitty, but are very useful for quiet practicing.


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That's funny, with 30% at one kit, I'm in the highest % while I would have assumed most of you had 3 to 4 kits. Ok, I have 32 cymbals and plan to have 6-10 snares. I'm sure I could!have 2-3 kits if my wife would let me do it...If I ever sell the Tamà Royal Star it will be to buy a Tama Star Maple but no cash available these days, windows in order for delivery in Mars!!!!
I already have 4 Snares, only 3 I like though...
So, thanks guys, I'm not feeling lonely with one kit only!!
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I have a super vintage Ludwig snare, excellent cymbals and pedals, and I'm trashing them up with this set of CB700 shells that were sitting in my garage for years...

Drums 11-13-21.JPG

Going to get a good set of shells at my earliest opportunity, though the CB700's are better than I expected they'd be. I wanted to see if I could regain the skills I lost 40 years ago when I decided I'd rather play bass and guitar instead. After a month of solid practice and relearning, turns out the answer was yes, so I'm going to get a better kit and start throwing my name out there for drum gigs in a couple months. I'd really like to keep it down to one set of shells that does it all, though. Got a major Ludwig fetish but I just want some good drums that don't cost too much and I can overlook it for the right price, as long as they're black.

Jeremy Crockett

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Just one kit, my TAMA Imperialstar:



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I have two kits today that are keepers
Sonor Vintage WMP 20/10/12/14 with 5.75” snare
Summit drums - flame maple steambent kit 20/12/14

I have a GMS SE kit in white sparkle lacquer 20/8/10/12/15 in transit that I bought to flip

I also have a Gretsch USA Custom 20/12/14 on order . I selected the Caribbean Twilight finish in satin for this kit .

I am really happy with the kits I have now and don’t plan to add to my permanent collection count .I want to keep the count to 3 kits max now . So if one comes in , one has to go .