How many forms of metal are there?


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Some discussion about the origins of heavy metal are taking place on this forum as we speak.So I was wondering ,how many forms of metal are there,and what really is the difference between them?It seems like I hear about a new form every week.

The second part would be,would it be possible to play them without double bass and blast beats?Just do it the old fashion way with one bass drum,like Bill Ward.Feel free to be as serious(but not too serious) or as silly as you want.

Have at it then !!!!!!

Steve B


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Frankly I don't see too much sense in this thread so I'll contribute some ideas and shut my mouth afterwards. BTW, I like metal! (That is, those 5% which I find enjoyable, not caring for the remaining 95%.)

How many forms - this depends on the terminology applied. So as soon as some mags or the music business invents new 'genres' like "Symphonic Epic Hollywood Metal" (this is not a far stretch - look for RHAPSODY, they really used some terminology like that) does this mean the world has a new form of metal to enjoy? Just my thoughts. Even applying 'more established' terminology it's hard to draw the lines.

Well if you subtract doublebass and blast beat from 'metal' you'd still have a pretty big chunk left behind. 'nuff said.


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Couldn't tell you. I'm still reeling from hearing the term "Pop Punk". Which is a contradiction by it's very words.


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I am thinking of the drum sounds that contribute, would the drum sound in Back in Black album (heavy) sound metal?... just a wild confusing thought.

Doctor Dirt

Metal!!! Honestly I have no idea. I know that Pot Metal is hated by ALL drummers!! I'll bet its fallen in the ranks of being "individualistic" "more than Rock" to probably the addition to "Pop" Music? Also known as "Pop Crap". I'm the wrong person to comment on it when I hear a grungie sounding, overdriven , major chord, soaked effected guitar!!!! .......I'm gone!! I'm not much for the guys with gizmo's on the floor and pick playing bassists. Processors in their racks and waving revolving hair twirls just reminds me of carnivals and bad theatre. 'However the talent that shows the most for me in what I refer to as Metal bands is almost always the drummers.
I guess its true in any form of music if the beat is bad the groove is void, so the drummer is the beginning and the end when it comes to any music played by a band. Doc