How Many Drums do You Own?


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Not drumsets, you're total quantity of individual drums all added up together.

Who's hauled home the most gear?

I have 9.

4 toms
3 snares
1 bass
1 djembe


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(1) 18" BD Tama
(2) 20" BD Rogers & Tama
(1) 22" BD Tama
(1) 24" BD Rogers
(1) 18" tom Yamaha
(3) 16" tom Rogers, Rogers, Tama
(2) 14" tom Tama & Tama
(1) 13" tom Rogers
(6) 12" tom Rogers, Rogers, Tama, Ludwig, Pearl (lol)
(2) 10" tom Tama & Tama
(1) 8" tom Tama
(12?) snare drums Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, Tama, Tama, Tama, Ludwig, Ludwig, Ludwig, Pearl, Pearl, Gretsch, MIJ....

Electric....(do I have too?)

How about Pedals? Oh, this doesn't include a three piece set of Maxwin by Pearl that is out there "somewhere"... Oh, wait..."djembe"? no, don't have one of about a cajon? :)


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One 4-piece Gretsch and one 6-piece Tama plus one Premier 2000 snare and one Supraphonic snare equals 12 drums and my father used to tell me I couldn't play them at the same time so why should I have them all?


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10" Yamaha RC Tom
12" Yamaha RC Tom
13" Yamaha RC Tom
16" Yamaha RC Floor Tom
22" Yamaha RC Bass Drum
12" Yamaha RTC Tom
13" Yamaha RTC Tom
16" Yamaha RTC Floor Tom
22" Yamaha RTC Bass Drum
12" Pearl ELX Tom
14" Pearl ELX Floor Tom
16" Pearl ELX Floor Tom
22" Pearl ELX Bass Drum
13x7 Tama G-Maple Snare
14x6 Tama Starphonic Snare
14x8 Pearl Brass Free Floater.

hippy chip

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13 total

3 snares
8 toms
2 basses
I have 2 5-piece kits set up---the third snare, and the other 2 toms are orphans waiting until I find an orphan bass to complete a 4-piece kit.


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2 bass drums
7 snares
8 toms

Bermuda will need his own page
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17 drums in total (2 kits plus assorted percussions):

2 bass drums
3 snares
3 toms
2 floor toms
1 darbuka
1 doumbek
2 cajons
1 korg wavedrum
1 roland hpd-10 handsonic
1 pair of bongos


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Too many :)

1 - 7 piece Ddrum set (gig)
1 - 6 piece Sonor set (bandroom)
1 - 6 piece Premier

Add to that two extra snares brings the total to 21. Now are we counting rototoms and bongos? Don't even get me started on cymbals! Agree with everyone else, if it is a numbers game Bermuda wins.


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Somewhere around 40. A lot of them are for sale though. If I include bare shells I plan on building, Im over 50.