how many cymbols have you been through


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I have broken three cymbals, all Paiste Sound Formula crashes. I have sold five cymbals on Reverb. I am using several PST-X cymbals, and after much use they develop stress fractures, so I play them until they shatter into pieces. That has left me with a dozen or so playable tins.


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I am not sure, but it has to be around fifty. I have had at least thirty-five Sabians, and before that I had Paiste and Zildjian. I have been playing drum set for over fifty years. Peace and goodwill.


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I'm not sure if I understand the question correctly. If we are just talking broken cymbals, I've probably broken a dozen between 1992 and 2002. None have been broken since.

If we are talking cymbals total, maybe 25-30. I'm counting hats as 2 cymbals.


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Never broken any but keyholed a few. Oh wait I dropped an Avedis ride and though looked unharmed it sounded like crap- it was weird. I threw it in trash


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We should invent a new game like cornhole but you throw splash cymbals and have to land on the mounting bolt of a stand. Call it Keyhole


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Zero. I've sold cymbals that no longer appealed to me. My 22" Zildjian Avedis ride sits in the corner. I've had it since highschool.

I sold my Zildian Ping ride (18"?). And I think I had a Sabian ride I sold, don't remember which model. In 2010, I sold my Paiste 16" thin crash and a Zildjian 16" thin crash that I grew up on. I think I still have the 14" New Beat Hihats from highschool days, but never play them.

I don't hit hard enough to damage cymbals.


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I probably own close to 50 cymbals. No i don't need that many and no I don't even use most of them. Quite a few have never been hit.

I have broken probably 5-8 in 25 years.
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All the cymbals I've broken (maybe a dozen in thirty-plus years of playing) were either cheap or too thick to open up unless I thrashed them. Now I play thinner cymbals with a much lighter touch and still get plenty of volume from them.


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I've broken several cymbals on tour - maybe 30 - just by playing harder than I normally do on local gigs or sessions. I used some Paiste and Meinl Profile cymbals back in the day, and they cracked quickly. My Sabians have taken a lot of abuse since starting to play them in 1993, although they're not immune to cracking. No cymbal is crack-proof with enough force and playing style!

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I’ve only ever broken 2 16” crashes (my first Paiste starter cymbals) and that was because I overplayed them when I joined really loud bands. I only play 18’s or above now...other than that I cracked a beautiful hi hat that I don’t want to talk about...even though it’s been nearly 30 years.😭:)(y)


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No cymbal is crack-proof with enough force and playing style!
My inability to retire cymbals is probably due to stick choice - 5A (now), 7A and 85A (past). I'm thinking about moving up to bigger sizes due to the contemporary stuff I want to play. And I'm finding heavier playing feels more therapeutic than light stuff. Maybe it's a temporary thing.


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Well I broke one but it was already cracked when I bought it, does that count? 🤔

Also it was a Sabian AAX Stage Crash 18".


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I grew up, and still play, metal and punk, and after 40 years, have never broken a cymbal. My ride cymbal was new to me in 1980, and is still going. My oldest crash - a 1989 Zildjian A Medium Thin is still going...

when I was very young and learning, I was taught 2 things by my dad:
1. your drums and cymbals are sacred; they are not to be destroyed, and people that destroy them do not know what they are doing
2. if you break heads and sticks, you are using incorrect technique, and therefore not a good drummer/musician

these things went deep, and stuck hard with me, and I still believe in them to this day. We were poor, and he was a Marine Corps drill sergeant, so this was the attitude about all of the material things in my only got things once, and you made them last. Breakage or loss was due to ignorance or lack of respect...

I especially think that cymbal breaking is just due to lack of education about how to play....and that drives me nuts as a teacher

and yes I m judging; and yes, I am old; 😛

Cymbals are like girlfriends that keep piling up in the corner of the room.

yeah, but they stay good looking over time :cool: