How Many Cymbals do You Own?


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What's the total of cymbals in your inventory?

Hi-hats count as one

I have 6

2 crashes
1 hi-hat
1 ride
1 splash
1 gong - can't forget that! :)


I have 5 pair of hats, 5 rides, 2 chinas, and about 10 or so crashes. I used to have a lot more, but I sold off anything I hadn't used in a couple of years.


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I have 3 crashes, 1 china, 1 splash, 1 ride and a set of hi-hats.

My collection of lids for my pots is HUGH, though!


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Per cymbal company descriptions, hi-hats are actually two cymbals. That's what a 'pair' of hi-hat cymbals means.

Based on that, I have 939 cymbals.

If you want to count hats as a single cymbal, the number is 766.


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Let me see....

3 pairs of hats; 2 Sabian, 1 Zildjian
2 splashes; both Sabian
7 crashes; 3 Sabian, 3 Zildjian, 1 Diril
3 rides; 1 Sabian, 2 Zildjian


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I'm finding that I'm quite average here. Cool. With the obvious exception of Bermuda of course...

I have 22...


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I dunno-- 2 sets of hihats, 4 crashes, 10 rides, and a China? My collection got decimated in a lean period some years ago, and I'm building it back up.


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I have 15 cymbals..........

I think I have 18 cymbals, now that I remember the little splash and the China in the box, and that other weird one.

Does it count if you count cracked cymbals?
Maybe I have 15 then.
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Six, if you count hi-hats as individual cymbals.
I recently shed a bunch of gear, mostly cymbals. I'm saving around a grand and am going for a new sound starting this fall. I tend to have a cymbal fallout every few years, and am not a hoarding type.


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Two of them I'm planning on selling, and if you count hi-hats as one, then 12 fully intact cymbals, one slightly broken but still playable, and 3 broken and unusable cymbals in my 'graveyard.'