How I really look behind the kit...

Netz Ausg

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I picked the outfit all by myself!

Polly, hands off of this one! Or at least nothing mean - I'd take it personal like :p


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I suspected as such, but didn't want to pre judge ;) ;) ;)

Seriously = how cute is she, awe :)


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If thats your daughter,you sir are a lucky man.Enjoy your time with her....the years go by very fast.Be a Daddy to that child....nothing is more important...nothing.She's beautiful,cheers.:)

Steve B

Netz Ausg

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You're correct, it is my daughter, not me!

I was impressed when she played a styling triplet on the snare!

She's 2 on the 30th, and she already has better grip than Daddy!


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Young children have such good grip! My son just knows what to do, somehow. I hope he and your daughter never unlearn their preexisting drumming knowledge!