How far do you sit away from your bass drum?


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Now here's a thing, I did a search but didn't find anything on what I was looking for in particular.

I have just recently discovered that I like to sit quite far in so that my legs are straight over the pedals as I feel it gives me more control.

However when I watch a lot of drumming videos I notice a lot of the drummers sit further back so their lower leg is protruding forward onto the bass pedal like this \ rather than like this I

Is there a benefit to either, should I stick with what is comfortable or should I be playing like the first example? As I can't find many double bass drummers who sit in the same position as I do.

I would be interested to hear what everyone else here does.

Thanks folks


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I've heard drummers try to explain why it's better to sit close and I've heard other drummers try to explain why it's better to sit further away. I don't think that there are any universal advantages to any particular position; it's all about personal comfort and style.

I used to sit further away than I do now, but I've moved closer over the years. My snare and toms have also moved forward with me, so although my seat has moved, it's only in relation to the pedals and the hihat, and not the whole kit. Like I said, it's a comfort thing, and I never really gave it much thought beyond trying to find the spot where I felt comfortable and got the proper power from my pedal work.

On the "sitting extremely far away" side of things, take a look at Greg Upchurch. His leg is almost completely stretched out when he plays his kick drum:
To me, that looks horribly uncomfortable, but it seems to work very well for him. Make sure your kick drum is firmly seated on the floor if you're playing like this though, or I imagine it would wander off pretty quickly.


Most comfortable for me, and my knees:

Thighs parallel to the floor.
Shins perpendicular.
Knee making 90 degree angle.


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I sit very close . . . I've always like setting up everything just about as close together as I can make it. My snare is positioned so that it's almost but not quite hitting my left-side rack tom(s) and bass drum, my floor tom is the same deal on the right side, I keep just enough space between the snare and floor tom for my leg to fit, and the snare drum is generally right between my legs, like I'm getting too familiar with it. I like my toms to all be as close to the same level--and as close to my snare and floor tom level, as I can get them, without any gaps (again, the rims are kept so they'd almost rub against/bang into each other), etc. I keep my cymbals as low as I can so that they're not going to hit anything else, at least given how I play them. I like it to be like I'm squeezing into a very tight cockpit. Um, so to speak.

Maybe one of the reasons I started setting up that way was because I always used bigger kits when I was younger (and still do often enough now), so that was the only way to make everything fit so that it was accessible. Part of it is probably just being lazy, too--it requires minimal arm movements to hit a different object, i make it more about just moving my wrists.

There's obviously no right answer, though. Whatever works for you. Whatever you're comfortable with, whatever enables you to best play how you want to play . . . and hopefully whatever the answer is to that for you, it's not something that's going to lead to physical problems down the road.


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It depends where I am. Right now I'm sitting probaly 50 feet from my bass drum.

Oh you mean while playing? I'll have to measure, BRB.


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I personally set up similar to Brew and RocketSauce, but I have to +8 or whereever we are on the count: You need to experiment, and keep in mind as you get older and your playing (and body) changes, you will move stuff to accommodate those changes.


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It depends where I am. Right now I'm sitting probaly 50 feet from my bass drum.

Oh you mean while playing? I'll have to measure, BRB.
Ah you crack me up Larry, I'm a good few miles from mine!

I guess it was more in relation to how your feet were on the pedals but that is determined by how close you sit to your bass drum.

Thanks for the responses guys, really helpful. Pleased I'm not the only one who sits really close!


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Virgin bass drum

I am 6'7" and hate to reach with my arms (don't have long arms). I also like to have something more than 90deg on my leg bend. So I use a virgin bass and the Gibralter Ultra-hi hat but the legless version so I can use clamps and put it where I want. (I also made a longer middle shaft to get more room. Next time I get a remote hat). All of this makes it real nice.


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i have my lower part of my leg (from my knee to heel) exactly straight down to the back part of my pedal


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An entire floor away. It's downstairs.
(I can't let Larry get in all the witty remarks.)

You're probably going to find there isn't a right or wrong distance to sit from the kit. Sort of like that 'Seat Height' thread. Whatever is comfortable.

I don't know if you would call it close, or far, or in between, but when I sit at the kit and look straight down the front of my right leg, my knee is somewhere around directly above to just behind the heel plate on my pedal.