How does this sound to YOU?

I have been working on my drum recording sound, and now that it sounds perfect on MY system to ME, I'd like to know how it sounds on YOUR system to YOU.



  • Drum Test.mp3
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A bit muddy sounding, not sure if thats just how it was recorded/compressed, but lacking alot of highs.....Are you individually micing each drum? Or what are you using??

I mean its not bad, just needs to be cleaned


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The drums that sound good are the toms. As was said the bass drum is muddled and the snares are way too tight and choked.
Interesting, The speakers I'm using for monitors are great speakers, but a little hot in the treble, this could be causing your lack of treble. GRUNTERSDAD, which snare is too tight? The ringier accent or the main one?