How do you store your other kits?


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Hey All, Just came crossed a pic of a member here Who has HIS Man cave,drum room where he keeps a few of his kits on or in a nice sort of a shelving piece of furniture .Looks like a great thing 2 do. Anyone got pics as im looking for something like this for my place.


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In the main part of my basement, I have a few large/deep shelves I put two kits, and 3 bass drums on, and another shelf unit I have stands on. I found them at Wal-Mart for just under $40 each.
On the other side of the room is a kit set up where my bands rehearse.

In another part of the basement, I have my work room with a few wall shelves for my snares, more toms, heads, and my 30+ years of drum magazines and books (under the snares).

It's a little different than this now, but these are the shelves:

The snare in the bag on the top shelf is a 6.5 Acrolite LTD (all brushed aluminum).


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I store my extra kit, yes, that is right, I only have 2 kits and the 2002 cymbals which go with it in a storage facility where they regulate the temp and humidity. I also store some other drum gear there, none of it really valuable, except for memories sake. There are other items in this facility, family heirlooms etc.

My Export kit has been stored everywhere in the world, including outside for about 10 days and it rained. Did not bother them at all, I sometimes believe if there were an armageddon the only 2 things to survive would be the roaches and all the Export kits out there.