How do you store your cymbals?


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While I'm sure that my "collection" pales in comparison with some, I still own more cymbals than I can have on my drum set at one time. I hate having them on the shelves next to my desk as they take up too much shelf space stored flat, they get real heavy real fast when stacked together. I'm pretty sure I'm just going to drop all of them one day, shuffling them around trying to get at one or the other, with them balanced on the top two shelves.

Anyone ever build a rack or something for displaying them flat against a wall? I have wall space, and they'd be more accessable and nicely displayed that way.


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All my cymbals are on the floor leaning up against the wall behind my kit. I switch them out pretty often (it's a neurosis I need therapy for), so I like to have them all handy.


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In cymbal bags and hardcases in a hidden location. The hardcases are my "ready to go" cases, packed and waiting. The cymbal bags are my other cymbals that I often switch out with the cymbals on my kit or in the cases. Some of them are just collected at this point 'cause I don't use them, but they're too awesome to let go (1930s Zildjians, etc...). They're hidden because, quite frankly, those cymbal bags are probably the most efficient way for somebody to exit my house with the most valuable single load. Although, I don't think they'd be able to lift all of the bags at once...


If they're not on kits, they live in cymbal bags.



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I put mine in in a storage space with the hot water tank. Getting all lovely, dirty and gunkified, :)
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The ones that aren't on my kit live in my cymbal bag. It's one of those cymbals bags with nice soft padding between each cymbal, rather than the cymbals just resting next to each other (couldn't cope with that!).


I gig with a Yamaha Tour Master wheely case with a pull out handle - it's solid and I use the inside color system to keep track of which cymbals are where.

Back up and other cymbals go in my other janky road runner cymb case



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I keep most of my main cymbals on my drum set at home. I have a few extra cymbals in a cymbal bag in the closet that I do not use everyday, like the 24" Zildjian ride and the 10" Zilco hi-hats from the 50's with the small 1/4" diameter opening.

Please do not tell the bad guys down in DC, where I work, but I keep a few cymbals in a bag in my trunk to use when I play on different drum sets in the different bands I play with. I have kind of divided the cymbals into two groups.
1. is the group of cymbals I really enjoy playing on.
2. is the group of cymbals that I am not as emotionally attached to.