How do you remove moongel stains from coated heads?


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I had no idea these moongels stain coated heads. Is there a way to remove the blue color? I tried soap but it didn't work.

wy yung

Why bother? If you are preparing for a live TV shoot featuring behind or above the kit shots, I suggest you fit new heads.


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Yeah, new heads are the way to go if you want a pristine looking head.

Look at them like stick and brush marks...a badge of honor that celebrates a well used head.

Otherwise, there is only one foolproof method that I know of. It's a 2 step process....



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Try a small bit of lighter fluid on a rag. OUTSIDE. Repeat. Small bit. Rub gently. Do not light. If that doesn't work, don't sweat it.


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Mr. Kleen Magic Eraser Pads.

They clean up my heads nicely. They shouldn't be sopping wet just barely damp and all marks on the heads come right off.

They will remove cymbal logos too, so be careful, or have at it, depending on what you're going for.