How do you get .gif's to work?


My avatar is a .gif file but it's not actually moving. :/ I uploaded the file from my computer.

How do you get .gif's to work on this site?


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can you copy the link into a shared folder? If so, please send me a PM with the respective link, I'd update your user account, this might work.
I have no experience with those moving avatars but I'd give it a try, using a link from a shared folder. Might work.

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I could never get any of my old gifs to work on here, But a couple newer ones did. Maybe it's not compatible with the website's Operating platform. IDK, but that's my experience...I'm not sure what it is about the older ones that make them incompatible and unable to move.


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As you can see my avatar.gif {bernhard) works.

I make the animated gif with Photoshop, but of course there are other free programs for Mac and Windows.

When the gif is done you can check it easily when you drag the file from the dektop into a browser like Safari, Firefox, Explorer. When it works there -then it works also in our Forum - nothing Forum related with this.

Note: The maximum size of your custom image is 100 by 120 pixels or 293.0 KB (whichever is smaller).



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You need to host the .gif on a storage site- it won't work just uploading it to DW. I keep mine on photobucket, and then use the upl;oad code from there.


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How do you get gifs to

Someone else asked about this once. ab420 answered the question, and I think the answer was that the animation of the gif gets broken when the image has to be resized for the avatars target size.

You need to resize your GIFs to the avatar dimensions 150x150 max before you upload them.


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Sorry to bring this thread back up, but my .gif avatar worked on the first try. I think that it was a problem with the .gif size (physically and memory wise, not many forums allow avatars over 1Mb to cut down on bandwidth or something like that).


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Hmm, I wonder...


EDIT: eeeexcellent.


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It is a size issue. Just changed my avatar to a animated gif. The first didn't work-because it was too large (I think you can make them smaller at some site?) but then noted the size limit and the one I loaded works fine. See=aaaahhhhhhhh


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Let me see if this works. Yep I "see" the problem. LOL. Corny heck yes.


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How do you get gifs to work

How do you do this? I put the wrong cover on the Cover contest thread and now I cant get it off. Can you please help?


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You need to host the .gif on a storage site- it won't work just uploading it to DW. I keep mine on photobucket, and then use the upload code from there.