How do you act when playing? Stage presence

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Doesn't anybody scout the audience for good looking women?

Things have really gone downhill since my days :)

We didn't play any challanging music that I really had to focus on so I was always looking around, trying to see what was going on and who was in attendance.

When I played gigs, I must have had a crazy look going on. I remember people asking me what kind of drugs I was on and I was always pretty much sober.

Good times.


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I've always had longer hair, and I didn't require much head movement to look like I was rocking out. I always liked Thomas Pridgen in the fact that he just rolls his head around and smiles. Always thought that looked cool as hell. If you look like you're enjoying playing for the audience, they will vibe off of you.


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I second (or third, or whatever) practicing in front of a mirror; and/or recording yourself with a video cam.

Didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I first saw some of the stupid faces I made when playing... (Luckily not quite as bad as a friend of mine, whose facial expression when drumming has been described as "cum face". Ha ha ha...)



I think the audience likes to see peoples eyes. I don't like it when musicians look at their instruments all night and don't even acknowledge the crowd. Good stage presence means being mentally present. They are looking at you, you should look back at them kind of thing. Make them a part of things, not "Oh wow look at the greatness of me" The audience loves it when you catch their eye and bob your head or something. They feel connected. Involve them with your eyes, you can't lose with that. Sometimes it's easy to forget that we are supposed to make them feel good through our music. It's all about them, not the band. If you put them first, things will go your way.

great information. I'm always looking down at the drums...and I haven't realized until you said it to look up occassionally! thanks.


Not every venue is an "entertainment venue", that is to say that you, as a band are NOT always there to entertain but only to provide background noise for the event.
You should always conduct yourself in a professional manner appropriate to the venue.
Yes, have a good time, smile, but don't head-bang while playing with a symphony orchestra, OK?
Don't scream "Rock On" and give the high sign while playing Cherokee at the Village Vanguard and please don't throw your sticks into the audience at the end of the gig during a wedding, got it? :)
And always dress like an adult.
You (the band) are the hired help, no different than the Waiter or Cook, you are NOT the Star!
Unless your name is on the Marquee or on the Billboard outside the Arena people have not come to see YOU.
People are there for THEIR entertainment, not yours.
So act like a professional, you'll get more work that way and be treated with respect by other musicians as well as Club Owners.


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I usually like to blow fire while twirling my glowing drum just sucks when my spiked shoulder pads catch on fire while my drum riser is spinning upside down....