How do y'all keep sticks on your bass drum?


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For my home studio I spray painted a piece of PVC pipe and attached it with 2 tie wraps.
For gigs I'm using a promark holder which you can clip onto a stand.


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He said "lugs", old bean.
He sure did. I guess we need Pete to confirm, but it sounds like he's referring to a key sitting on a lug's tension rod, as some are wont to do, and rattling with the drum's vibration.


Who has kept a key on an actual lug, and how?
Wood Snare brass lugs, where do I put the magnetic key? Key on the Knee of the said drummers suit similar to the Gretsch key holder , easy to grab and not drop or lose. just silly ideas guys..s44avcu7ysah3g3hdcrd.jpgGretsch has the snap on key holder but I'd rather have it in an easy to reach spot.


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And - who has kept one on a KNEE and how? Cyanoacrylate adhesive perhaps?
Same people and method of keeping sticks in a quiver on one's back, I suppose. 🤷‍♂️😁

Wood Snare brass lugs, where do I put the magnetic key?
On a lug's tension rod, as pictured in my previous post. (That key shown isn't a magnetic one.) The magnet inside the opening solves the vibration problem.
Sorry for being silly, I'll try to be more serious .. you are waaaay cool!