How do y'all keep sticks on your bass drum?


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I've seen a lot of people recommend keeping an extra pair of sticks on the bass drum by laying them across the drum, resting against the lugs.

I have never been able to keep them there. After about 10 seconds of playing the kick, they fall off.

My angle isn't extreme, so I am just curious on how you guys keep them there?

I know there are products out there for this, but have seen/heard people doing this without them.


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It kind of depends on the bass drum. Lug profile, space between the hoops, etc. You can wedge the shoulder of the stick between the tension rod and the shell on some. It's a case by case basis.


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never did it much usu always used twin toms but when using single sticking them in a tension rod BD lug also an option;
it's a very old school thing.

Cmdr. Ross

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I keep my spare sticks on the hi hat.
I use one of those as well. I gave up trying to balance sticks on the bass because they kept rolling off.
I even tried that foam holder with the notches in it and it didn't work very well.


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I use a 2 pair stick holder attached to my hat stand on the left, and to the right, I have a holder that attaches to a kick tuning rod and hold 2 sticks right on top of the kick.


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For most gigs I use a stick quiver on my snare. I rarely drop sticks, and don't chop through them. Two pairs - one in my hands, and one in the quiver - is usually enough. I only bring a stick bag if the gig calls for a variety of textures; sticks, brushes, mallets, rods, etc.

For sticks on the kick, they are going to shift with each note. Old school is to stick them between tension rods. Can get a little ugly with multiple pairs. Or use a spring/coil holder that clamps to the hoop. There are few kick mounted stick holders on the market based on the latter.

Gibraltar makes a clamp on model.

There are also molded foam options like this...


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I think my neighbor has one stuck up his butt, maybe two sticks-I suspect lost socks and drum keys maybe hiding up there to.

I use a stick sock hanging off hats. I discovered when I was 8 years old you put an extra pair on your kick they jiggle off playing. I should qualify I’m talking about a pair of “sticks”.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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My bass drum hasn't left the shed in months and there's been a pair of sticks on there for a while and they stay in place.

It send up being rare that I use my own drums outside the shed, so since I haven't really done much except varying the general setup around that bass drum it's just stayed that way.

I don't really intentionally do it, though. It's just something I do when I don't need many sticks and hve a simple solution.
I never keep sticks on the bass drum. And I also never play a gig without spare sticks! I personally like to use a stick holder - usually a Gibraltar one as they're easy to use and can take a large amount of sticks if necessary.1652127194702.png


Get a Danmar stick holder that attaches to the cymbal stand. I'm on third or fourth one.