How do wood hoops affect sound on toms?


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My drumbuilder is going to put hw on my drums.
He ask me todat what kind of hoops I want on toms.
(I know that I dont want diecast. I find diecast "killing" drums. I love "responsive" drums, since I do not hit (so) hard.)
And he wonder if I would like wood hoops or metal hoops on toms... I do not know.

Visualy I do not see any problems. But how will it affect on sound?
I never play drums with wood tom hoops. I never been jeard live drums with wood hoops on toms either....

Any one know how it would sound with wood hoops?

Sizes are 8, 10,12 and 14.
I play mostley modern funk/jazz/fusion and I love sound of " modern" drums.

Pleas help me....
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It depends on what toms with what hoops. A heavy ply hoop (think Yamaha) on ply shells will dry out your tom tone, focus the midrange (depending to some extent on wood species), & slightly shorten the note. Single flange style ply hoops (with claw or hook) on ply shells will dry the sound a little but be much more open than the heavy ply hoop. Segmented hoops on a solid shell ( be it stave, true solid, or steam bent), & especially if crafted from the same wood species as the shell, will add to the distinctive fundamental, focus the tone, dry out upper overtones, & reduce head sustain. Steam bent single flange hoops on a solid shell will add less of the distinctive species tone but allow a full + open character to the drum.

If you "love the sound of modern drums", you're probably after a "wet" character. Depending on head selection, & very much depending on your chosen shell construction, you'd probably benefit more from a metal hoop than a wood hoop. Triple flange will give you an open sound. Die cast will offer you a more controlled & focussed sound. "S' hoops are somewhere in between the two.

I hope this helps.


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That was more than great answer.

Hmm.. yes, I like "modern sound" , of drums, clear, resonating. Fat, yes, but not so the drums loose that "singing" caracteristic.
Not fat as many hevymetal drumer tune drums. I would say , not low , not hight tuning, somewhere in th middle.

Drums are solid wood construction, thin shell with "integrated" reinforcement rings ( curved out in the same wood as shell , not glued).

Bearing edges are/ will be single 45* lightly-lightly rounded on outside.

Wood is Elm.

What I know from my snare, that shell it self resonate very very much. I took of heads and knock on the wood shel and you can hear " sound of the sjhell/wood" much more clear that I can on other shell constuctions, ( I never hade other drums that differnet ( modern and vintage) ply shells before, so I not have SO much to compare with, as stave, segment, steam bent ).

My first head choice was clear, I wanted to be able to see into the drum. Stuppid... I know.
Usualy I allway use coated heads as Remo Coated Ambassador Batter) and Remo clear Diplomat ( resso side).

This time I has idea with Evans G2 clear on batter. But If I will chose wood hoops, I think coated will look much better?!?

I do not know anyhing how those wood hoops are made,(ply, segment, solid)
Only thing I know is that he made them him selfs ( and export some of them to a wellreputated big europian custom/supplier too).

Here si pic, maybe you can see "what it is"?

How do you think wood hoops should interact with my shells, as I describe them?

My builder says that I will get "warmer" sound out of drums,