How do people get your attention when practicing on your home kit?


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My drums face the door also, so when my wife or my daughter open it, I usually notice right away. If my wife is too lazy to come get me she'll text or call me. I use my phone for a metronome, and to play along with music, so I never miss a call if I'm on my drums.


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Wow, you guys must practice with great intensity and focus to get startled and jump when somebody is trying to get your attention. I admire that. I don't ever get into it so deep when I am practicing that I lose myself in it!

To answer the original question, I face the door to my music room and know instantly when somebody comes in. Normally my family does not bother me during practice. The usually put on their headphones and listen to music.


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Wow, you guys must practice with great intensity and focus to get startled and jump when somebody is trying to get your attention. I admire that. I don't ever get into it so deep when I am practicing that I lose myself in it!
It's the part where I didn't know they were coming and a head pops around the corner that makes me jump more than being into practicing.


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When I'm practicing I usually use my phone for a met and have it plugged into my isolation headphones so my wife just drops me a text. Keeps her from being exposed to the full on noise or flooding the rest of the house with it.

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My kit faces into the practice room, and there isn't even a door. So anyone who wants my attention simply needs to walk into the room, and I can see them.


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I get startled all the time. My little brothers usually sneak in the room and enter the doorway waving their arms, which causes me to jump and topple over backwards. Histerical for them but deathly terrifying for me. One time i jumped up and toppled backwards and my left foot got caught in the hi hat stand and that fell over too. The edge of my hi-hats slammed right on the concrete floor. Needless to say that was the last time my brothers tried scaring me.


Coming over and screaming in my face or dancing usually. It's...awesome. I threw a stick at my sister because she startled me once. She dances farther away now.


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Ah My god, what is this flicking the lights on and of business?!

Ghosts do that man! I'd be well off the stool and through the door by the second flash!

My gf pops her head into the room and she knows how much it annoys me so she tries to do it as little as often.
some days it seems thst I just become the most fascinating person in the world to her and she just wants to talk and talk. Then my left eyebrow starts to twitch and I start sayibg 'ummm hmmm' before she's even said anything.

Horrible really, it's the selfishness of a creative person. No matter what you do, art, music or whatever, when you're in the zone you are a rotten, self-centred person!

It's usually to ask me what I want to eat too bless her...


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The phone works because I'm either listening to it or can feel it vibrate. My kit faces the door too, but it is kinda starting when the door unexpectedly opens.


When my set is at home, (it's normally at our singers house, where band practice is held.) It's in a shed off away from the house. I don't get interrupted.


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My roommates normally flash the lights. But the other day, I was playing, and my roommate, Lora, was standing two feet in front of me, yelling and waving her arms, and I didn't even notice. It was actually quite funny.

I prefer the light flashing. I'll be playing, and the lights will shut off, and I'll take my headphones off and yell up the stairs to figure out what they want. It's usually because we're about to go somewhere, and I was playing while waiting for them to get ready.


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Haven't had this problem while practicing in a long time. But I remember a related thing when doing an outdoor gig at a private party in a ritzy neighborhood in small town New Hampshire back in the early 80s. We were ripping along pretty well, getting into a part of an original tune where I had a solo coming up, when the town cops showed up to shut the party down due to noise complaints. I was playing with my eyes closed the way I usually do, and just swung into the solo- didn't even worry that everybody else had stopped, since they were kind of supposed to do pretty much that just about then. One of the cops came up on the riser and gave me a good solid poke in the back of the right shoulder with his nightstick, from arm's length- he later told me that he was afraid that I'd hit him when reaching for a cymbal.

One field sobriety test later to prove that I wasn't in an excessively altered state, and I was packing gear to head home. Glad it was years ago: these days they'd probably just tase me from 20 feet away, shoot me from a helicopter, or nuke me from orbit... (;-)
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When I was younger and lived at home my siblings were always sent in to get me. They would always pick up a pair of sticks and start hitting random drums and cymbals until I stopped.

I don't really get interrupted anymore, but I try to practice when I'm alone also


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Wow, a lot of you guys seem really jumpy! When I started out my Mom or Dad used to flash the lights and that meant it was time to finish up. Rarely did it ever cause me to miss a beat. Now, if Dad was thundering down the steps yelling it meant "You're mother's been flashing the lights for 10 mins! Lets Go, Now!" and it always made me jump a bit.

Nowadays, I still get the flashing lights from my wife. If my eyes are closed she just waits a second.

I'll admit though that it is starling if someone or something just sneaks into the edge of my peripheral vision. My back is to a wall and nothing supposed to be there.


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If she's feeling extraordinary lazy...she'll give our dog Tyza his ball. Tyza will then come and mither me to play. I will always take a break for the dogs (they ain't with us anywhere near long enough). She collars me then (pardon the pun).

Rare it happens...but effective


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My kit now faces the door of my mancave, so people can get my attention pretty quickly. When I first started playing drums in my parent's basement 30 years ago, my mom would get my attention by flicking the light switch. Thanks for starting this thread, because I hadn't thought of that in many years, and it is a fond memory of my mom.