How do people get your attention when practicing on your home kit?


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I am facing a wall where the stairs come out of so my mom either switches the lights on and off or stands on the stairs and waves her arms around.

I am jumpy, so both startle me every single time.


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My kit is set up the same way in my room, my mom used to do the flickering of the lights, for some reason that would freak me out haha. I guess when you're focused, something like that can make you jump. Now people just leave me alone till I'm done practicing, or call my cell phone since it's usually right on a table .


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My jam room is built into the corner of the garage where the light switch for both the garage light and the jam room light are connected so it's the flashing light trick for me too (saves the missus having to actually enter the room to tell me to get the hell out of it)!

Swiss Matthias

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Good question! Usually noone is supposed to enter my practice space, which is in a
kindergarten building, below the gym.
But if anybody does, I jump as well :).


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My wife uses a slingshot and rocksalt.

JK. I've been known to throw sticks pretty forcefully when I've been startled, a knee jerk reaction lol. The light thing works, still freaks me out. Sometimes I am way off in my own world. OK all the time.


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Normal Conditions:

My supremely patient and beautiful wife flicks the light switch from the top of the steps.

Amber Alert:

She disco flicks the switch from the bottom of the stairs while waving.

DefCon 1 :

Small couch pillow to the face as hard as she can with a big smile on her face. The ongoing joke is that I deserve this treatment anyway. I have asked for her help to cure me of my occasional habit of closing my eyes for too long or staring into space.

But we have rules now. She has to really need me for something else. She can't just sneak down anymore and throw a pillow in my face when I have only closed my eyes for a second.

It was funny for a while, but ..


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When I was a teen living at home, my dad would flash the lights in my bedroom to get my attention.


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Interesting question, I have been startled a couple of times, and jumped what felt like 6 feet off the stool!

The light switch idea is a good one, I am thinking of rigging up a setup using one of those remote control light switches you can get at Lowes to flash a light in my filed of view. Just have to choose a bulb colour!
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They don't.

I lock the door to my studio.

Nobody interrupts the band (helps to play somewhere else), and when I'm at home, the kids (after placing on hearing protection at the top of the stairs) will come downstairs, walk up beside me, then wait until I'm finished.

(My back is to the wall, so I normally see all of this coming)

When I was growing up - my mother did the 'light' thing. Very annoying. I started ignoring her, claiming that I wasn't playing with my eyes open.


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I practice with headphones all of the time. My darling bride of thirty-some-odd years usually waves to me from the bottom of the stairs. If I'm deep in a groove, she'll wait patiently until I open my eyes

It's sorta unnerving if I'm drumming AND singing.

The grandkids will walk right behind the kit and stand there next to the big tom and ride. That's a rude way to bring a guy back to the present - I wish I could see me. But then again, maybe not...

Anthony Amodeo

if I am at home in the studio the wife will usually text me ......unless she hears no drums ...then she just walks in

but if drums are being hit she knows the last thing I want is the door opening unless it is a dyer emergency


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ussually people just come into the room and scare the crap out of me by getting in my vision. I like the light witch ideas. New rule in my house, flip the light switch when you come into my room.


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Usually gunfire or a hand grenade get my attention.Someone used a flame thrower one time,but there was too much collateral damage,not the mention the cat catching fire.:)

Steve B.