How do I play a gong?


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I've always been interested in a gong. In my country I can buy locally made gongs that sounds authentic and are affordable. I'd like to incorporate one in my kit.
I'm a bit concerned about its practicality though. If I have to let go my stick and grab a mallet every time I want to play my gong, it would be a bit difficult to incorporate into my passages.
I used to use an SPD-30 to trigger a gong sound. The drawback was: (1) it has the same tone played loudly and softly and (2) it makes monitoring more difficult.
Any insights?


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A couple... Keith Moon has a mallet mounted to the stand with a wooden extension, so he can grab it and and smash it.
Check out the vid below:

Terry Bozzio is nowadays also using a similar 'device' to play the gong on his kit.


Besides that, he also has developed a mounting system so you can play it as a ride too and still hit it with a stick. But that way you get a totally different sound. Check roughly halfway at the page below:

1593063373647.png 1593063383204.png

Or hang the mallet on your floor tom and be cool like Danny Carey :cool:



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On Tool's latest tour, he played a Paiste gong before his Chocolate Chip Trip solo.
Danny uses both drumsticks and a mallet.

Here's a couple of videos I found on Youtube.

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I did the Keith Moon mallet tied to gong stand trick when I did Hair last summer. My musical director never saw anyone do that before, but I was like..."Dude, I watched the Kid's Are Alright 15 years ago"