How do folks keep o-rings in place?


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I keep a set in the bottom of my snare case just in case I’m in a church or restaurant where I really need to control the volume whilst also needing a deep sound. My largest floor tom is 14”, so all the rings fit in the snare cae.

If you want a perma thud sound just get some Evans Hydraulics


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I only use one on my 16 floor which sorry to say I use tiny pieces of rock-n-roll tape at 12-3-6-and 9. TINY pieces.

drop like 4 cotton balls into a vent hole in the tom... tames them a little... add more or less as needed.


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For a while, I put the O ring inside the drum so the O ring was on the reso head i.e., 10 inch ring in the 12 in tom, etc...reduced the resonance a bit...sounded ok, but' I switched it up and I'm rocking coated pinstrips with no additional muffling...I like that better.

I *think* Bermuda had a thread a while back asking about using O rings on the reso head??