How did you pick your favorite sticks?


Right now my favorite pair of sticks are Zildjian Maple Super Dipped 7A sticks. I also rotate out a pair of Vic Firth Hickory 7As. Sometimes I use a pair of Vater 5As with nylon tips too but I much prefer the weight of the 7A sticks.


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Used to use... something else, i don't even recall now.. bought some Vater fusion hickories and it's the only thing i have used for years now.. loving vater :)


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My Go to sticks are Pro Mark Simon Phillips 707’s. I prefer a lighter stick. It’s a 5A type and 16.25” long. Has a great feel and balance to it.


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I began on a pair of Roland sticks which looked like maple 7A's. I tried 5A's, 5B's, over the years, but found I still prefer the swiftness of 7A's. I also liked SD4's, unfortunately their tips wore off too quickly and I could not get an articulate ride tone. So I switched to HD4's which had a strange balance on my first pair, but subsequent pairs are very nice. Later I bought a pair of VicFirth Keith Moon sticks which are perfect balance, but currently they're not in stock so if I break my current pair I'm in trouble. That said, I still have a few pairs of almost unused sticks, I could probably sell them for something. :)