How did you guys do it in the 70's??


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In the 1970s? I wore shorts, a Hang Ten t-shirt and lace less cork-soled shoes (no socks to complete the look).


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Fortunately I was always a regular jeans guy. The bell bottoms crowd looked funny to me even then.


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I'm an old fart at 57. I started playing the drums at 13, so around 1975. We either rolled our pant leg up or used a rubber band. The rubber band was more reliable because rolled up pant legs can tend to unroll. It's not that complicated of a subject.


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Yes I was a drummer in the Seventies and sometimes that beater would get trapped in my flared trouser leg. I think I got around it by keeping my foot down on the pedal plate so the beater was always higher than the hem of my pants, which would have been floor length pants of course. Once you start lifting your leg off the floor then you can capture the beater.


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Hell, it still happens to me today, depending on the pants that I'm wearing...some of them ride up enough that the beater can catch the bottom of the pant leg. I just roll it up. And hope that I don't forget when the set is done and I'm walking around the venue :)


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This thread was everything I wanted and more. The gig went fine, and thanks to a rubberband, I had zero problems with the pants.

Ya'lls pictures are cracking me up. I'm gonna get some short shorts and get my bandmates to start calling me Daisy Duke Ellington.