How did you guys do it in the 70's??


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Equal parts comedic relief and genuine curiosity here.

My band usually goes for some sort of 70's paisley/pattern getup for our bigger concerts. This has usually meant slacks/vintage button ups, but for my gig tonight I decided to bust out a 2-piece vintage high-waist suit with bell bottom jeans.

Just went to warm up on my kit at home and almost immediately my beater got stuck inside of the pant leg of the splayed out bell bottoms and prevented me from making even the slightest contact with the bass head.

How'd ya'll do it back then? Rubber band the pant leg like a middle-school bmx racer? Were all the substances making you hit so hard that your beater simply tore straight through your pantleg and solved the problem at the source? Do you even remember the 70's?


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Well, being an antique who made a living playing in show bands back in then 70's I feel your pain. I either rolled up the pant leg or a cloths pin. But mostly rolled it up.


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That problem persisted into the 80s-- my beater used to get caught in my Britannia jeans. My brother is also a drummer, and is older than me-- I think in the 70s he used a bicycle clip


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All you guys using bicycle clips in the 70's were high tech! I'd never heard of a bicycle clip, lol.

I used the same technique riding my ten-speed as I did on the drums - tuck that leg into my tube sock.


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I did the same as with my bike- rolled up mostly but sometimes tuck in socks which I was barefoot or sandals mostly. Never heard of a bicycle clip either in 70’s nor anyone talking about ear/hearing protection. I wish I had. Then again I don’t recall a whole lot from 70s.


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Long strip of Velcro, or hook and loop, material works. Wrap it around your pedal when not in use.

*****Not employed by or has any interest in the Velcro name.


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I just rolled my pant leg up over my knee. Seemed to work fine, and then put it down to normal on break so the chics still thought I was cool.....even though I had gig-ass ( big sweat circle on your butt from the seat and pooling sweat ). 😳