How did you find Drummerworld?


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Nothing exotic , not a poll just wondering. In my case, I had been out to a local pub with friends, and the drummer for the band was playing drums with Drum Workshop on the BD head. I had heard of all of the big names but not DW. I think this may have been 1990. Some years later while cruising the internet I googled DW Drums, and as Google would have it DW was prominentand it brought up the Drummerworld web site. I lingered for some time taking in info without asking a single question. Then one day I decided to buy drums after a 32 year hiatus or reincarnation and used all of that knowledge to start my drum search. Not too exciting but found this to be a great resource. And you say....


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I first found it in high school. Random internet searches for drum related items. I never joined, just enjoyed reading the articles. Then I forgot about it. Found it again just after going to college. Finally took the plunge to join and have been loving it ever since.

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I'm originally a guitar player + some other things.

In 2009 I started in jobs requiring me to teach drums regularly, so I it pooped up through a web search.

I took a few lessons, found a book list here, ordered them all etc.....

Now I'm sort of a guitar player when it comes to gigs, but as a teacher it's mainly drums.


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I joined in 2007. I think there were only like 10 websites back then and 9 of them were porn. So basically Drummerworld was the only site I could view at work on my dial up connection.

edit: apparently it was 2008. So maybe there were 12 websites by then.

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Came across it by accident a little over three years ago surfing the web.

I was trying to secure a new insurance carrier for my drum and audio gear.

Had no idea until then DW existed. Definitely the best thing I've stumbled across on the web.

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I joined in 2011 due to an internet search. Never been involved in any drum related website. This is still the only one I really visit. I hadn't touched any drums for almost 9 months after leaving my drums in Indiana a few months prior. I was out there working and brought my drums with me, but they never returned with me, except my hardware, cymbals & the old Gretsch snare drum. This place inspired me to get another kit set-up and continue drumming.

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It's difficult to Google any drumming-related question without finding a post from this forum in the first page of links. You old guys seem to know a lot about this stuff... I read a lot more than I post and I've found a wealth of knowledge and opinions here.


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Wow, that's a really good question! I think I happened on it by accident looking for something drummy on Google, maybe researching gear. I know it was near about the same time I was preparing to deploy to Afghanistan for the last time in my Army career, because I would log in from my hooch after work and live vicariously through all of you.

Good times. Except for the good times, which they weren't.


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For me it was all or Bernhard's Drummerworld youtube clips. He had the best collection of drum videos ever and I clicked a link in the info and here I was!


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I don't remember but must have been looking for drum videos, drum info, etc that led me here ten years ago this July. This place is a cornucopia of drum info and what not-I always recommend it to other drummers. I think I'm better off from my experiences here-definitely more knowledgeable than I was. I liked it so much I help started a Wikipedia (Bernhard was instrumental) article because I thought it would help get the word out. One of my favorite sites and awesome community of drummers. Where else can you go that people you have never met in person give you drum stuff?
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I've found it to be quite useful from time to time, since I am very opinionated, i am sure at some point I will be suspended or kicked off permanently. until then I say let the sticks fly! I come here to learn although I am a drummer of 39 years (8 pro) I actually never cared for drums as an instrument. I found a full kit at the dump and learned to play pretty soon I am in demand (uh oh..) moved on to guitar 25 years ago and now I build them (guiitars that is) I have only recently shown "interest in" drums (does any of this make sense?)
hell I may start building them soon, I haven't decided.
i can't build shit if i'm on social media, so if you don't see much of me that's why
this is only one of two social media thingamabobs that i participate in.
what was the question?


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Well not so much "how do you find it" in a quantitative way, but what led you here. Were you referred to the site, did you find it through Google or other source?


I got kicked off Ronn Dunnett's forum, so I seeked out someplace else to annoy the moderators.


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I found it before there were forums when it was just an online resource. Probably through the MXTabs Musicianforums, so around 2004.

This was pre-youtube, so it was the only place to watch drum videos.


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I found it before there were forums when it was just an online resource. Probably through the MXTabs Musicianforums, so around 2004.

This was pre-youtube, so it was the only place to watch drum videos.
I think I actually remember you from the Mx/Sputnik drum forums. You're probably the only person on the internet with a pic of the Lorax (think I was an active member around 2006 maybe)


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As far as I can remember, I was about a year into my drumming journey and was already hopelessly addicted, to the point where all I wanted to do was read/write/talk/learn about drumming. I'm not sure if I actually searched for "drumming forum" but good ol' Google brought me here somehow. I was blown away by the wealth of knowledge and the sense of community, and although initially I liked the anonymity, it wasn't long before genuine friendships both online and real-life were made.