How did drumming change your looks?

Midnite Zephyr

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I used to dress professionally and look clean-cut. A regular 9 to 5'er.
Now I look disheveled, with really long hair down to my shoulders. I have a beanie on most everyday and I never shave. I never wear jeans either. I want to look more Rock n' Roll than my band mates.

Mad About Drums

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When I started drumming, I was young and handsome with long dark brown hair, now I'm just handsome with short salt and pepper hair.


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When I started playing at 8 I had a short stick now I play with a long stick. So drumming became my shtick and I'm sticking to it. Drumming caused my molecules to gambol like a tuning fork to the resonant frequency of the universe so I became one with the universe and realized I can now bend space time (with no Spice even) and I've become a Galactic traveler drumming around the universe. But I still look the same. I've always loved Clint Eastwood when he spits and states "even worms gotta eat"-that is inspiring and it became my drumming motto.


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It didn't change my look any more than it changed my body. It's drumming, not fitness workout, or fashion design.


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When I started drumming, I was 47, had a 6-pack, was bald and wore glasses.

Ten years later, everything is the same, except the 6 bottles are empty.

... sigh ...