How did drumming change your body?


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If I was off alcohol and caffeine, I'd need anti-depressants!! :)
+1. For me life is made up of small pleasures. A cup of real coffee, preferably with a chocolate muffin, every day, is 20 mins of bliss. During that 20 mins there is nothing, and I mean nothing, I would rather be doing.


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The change my body has had, is that it hadn't changed.

Thing is, I started drumming at 12 (29 now) so I can't really see a 'difference' because I was drumming throughout my adolescence.

One thing I can say, is that drumming has probably helped 'sustain' my health. I live very sedentary lifestyle (work an office job, play lots of computer games) but I've consistently been 10 pounds underweight since I was 15, and I think if I didn't drum I'd see some differences, probably notably in breath and cardio.

I have no muscles to speak of, although I do have somewhat of forearms due to my german style rudimental playing.


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Drumming has definitely made my calf muscles much larger and my forearms stronger.
This holds true for me as well.

I think the main thing I got from drumming is a higher ability to mentally focus, and also the concept of mental release, which carries over into every other area of my life.


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I do everything I can to make my calf muscles larger, but they grow super slowly.
I tore a calf muscle on top of a mountain. A wet, miserable mountain.

I don't think drumming has been physically transformational at all for me. Maybe forearms got a little bit of form, but years later there's no Popeye arms.

My guess is if parts of the body are different and the scale hasn't changed, the mirror can might the secret.

Drums are mentally transformational. I mutter to myself and if I can't pull off something and by about the third go, the F bombs start flying and it pushes me to do it right. I never grew out of that.
I would probably be a nicer person if I didn't play drums, because it makes me smug, and I have no achievements to be smug about.


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I think you guys are doing it wrong...

Drumming has made a remarkable change in my body. Since I first started drumming I've gained 25 pounds of pure muscle, my body fat is around 3%...never higher than 5%. My hair seems to have grown thicker and longer too. I've noticed and appreciable increase in my IQ as well. I rarely miss a Jeopardy question.
And to top it all off, I constantly have women throwing themselves at me.

Thank you drums!!!


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Since taking up drumming, my chakras have never been more aligned, my chi more balanced or my aura more shiny.


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It's not really. I've always been a big dude. I've been drumming for about 20 years, and even when I was a weekend warrior, I never lost any amount of weight. We always ate crap food every weekend. This was 20 years ago.

I'm still a big dude 20 years later. Drumming, in of itself, has not done me any favors for my health. Even when my chops were at their greatest and I could play a 3-hour show, I was still just as out of shape as I am today.

I hate my metabolism (or the lack thereof).


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I don't know if drumming has changed my body (except maybe my hearing) but my body has changed my drumming for sure. I've broken bones over the years like my right hand, broke both ankles at different times, broke ribs, crap like that over time that changed how I played during the recovery and even after-like breaking my right hand was almost a good thing. Now I'm older all those breaks and running for years like Forrest Gump have taken a toll on my knees and joints with arthritis. I've always had really good hands for microsurgery on tiny blood vessels but no more (GetAgrip lost his Grip). Then too when I was young I was fast and full of energy so my drumming reflected that and as I aged just seems my drumming has naturally slowed down as I have.


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No, but seriously. Since I've been going 3+ years, I look older now.

Wait, wait, wait, now seriously... really, I've had a lot less crippling Charlie Horses in my calves.


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I am hungry ALL THE DAMN TIME. I've got the buffest ass you've ever seen, a fat tummy, and I'm going in for rotator cuff surgery next month.

I tell people I have a great drummer's body; unfortunately, that drummer is John Bonham.


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I am hungry ALL THE DAMN TIME. I've got the buffest ass you've ever seen, a fat tummy, and I'm going in for rotator cuff surgery next month.

I tell people I have a great drummer's body; unfortunately, that drummer is John Bonham.
Hungry? That's easy. Whenever there's food around, all you have to do is:


I learned that from a highly intelligent person here, who by coincidence, also has buff ass.

Wise words indeed.



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Interesting topic! Whenever fans/audience ask groups why musicians are all so thin, I always joke that carting my drums around and playing them is great exercise... I guess it actually is. I know it's not going to compare to running, but it's motion.

Rather than sitting in front of a TV, we're spending our nights loading drums in and out of places, and we're using all four limbs (and our brains!) to play our instrument. I'm sure there is some health benefit to be had.

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No changes in the body as such, but the hands, wrists and feet got much more agile and flexible.

If anything drumming has become a drug, my body needs it ;)