How close...


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I'm gonna go into my local drum store soon, but I'm not sure if they have what i'm looking for.Does anyone know if the Paiste 2002 20" Crash will blend well with my 2002 20" Power Crash? Or are they too identical.


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They will be quite similar, the power crash will have a higher pitch. It would make a nice combo, although if you are looking for more versatility I find the Sig full crashes mix very well the power crashes, also the 20" giant beat multi is another good mate for 2oo2's.

If you can find one, I have a 20" Twenty crash that I use with Sig power and full crashes that really fills the role of a big dark powerful crash very nicely!


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You have to be careful with picking out cymbals that "blend". I bought 2 crashes that sounded GREAT together--blended well, pitched far enough apart, etc... They were a pleasure to play. When I saw a video of my playing them, they sounded a bit TOO well-blended that I couldn't really tell them apart. Could have been the mic on the camcorder, but I saw myself hitting two cymbals, and I just heard one.

I would recommend contrast over blend. Differences over similarities. That's how I usually go...