how can i make my son's kit even quieter?...


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my little lad (3 years) has a little acoustic kit like this...

the kit is surprisingly loud, so i always make sure he uses ear protection (

the trouble is, he can't really put on these ear protectors on his own, and even when i do it for him, he get's bored wearing them and won't play :(
for obvious reasons i don't want to give him small ear plugs!

so i'm trying to find a solution. i wondered if it would be possible to completely deaden the sound of the kit so it was no louder than him hitting his sticks on any other surface. i don't want to use those sponge pads because i hate those things! but do you have any other ideas? would removing the bottom heads make much difference? or filling the drums with towels or something?



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For now you can get some thin towels or old shirts and put them across the drums.

Or they make actual drum foam sound pads you could order.


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You can definitely put some kind of towel over them, that will muffle it a lot and will probably be your best "in-house" solution.

If you're willing to spend a little, Remo Silentstroke heads are quite excellent and very, very quiet. You'd have to make sure you get the right sizes for the small kit but hopefully the kit uses integer sizes. They might actually be too quiet, in which case, cloth muffling is probably the best bet.

There are cymbal mutes available too, that go around the edge of the cymbal. Those would be a good companion to the Silentstrokes I think, if the cymbals are too loud.


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As someone said earlier remo silent stroke really reduces the sound and gives a realistic feel. For cymbals possibly some cheap electronics? zildjain do a range of low sounding cymbals... L80 I believe. Quite pricey at £200 so maybe scout eBay/ gumtree / Craigslist. Keep looking for them used and eventually some will pop up. Also how long does he drum for? If he is only drumming for 30 mins at a time, with tiny breaks perhaps he is alright without protection. It is only if a person is listening to drums or playing drums for hours it could bother him. Even that it couldn't do much harm. However, I understand he is only three and you have to take precautions.