How can I get my singer to follow a set list?


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If it's just the singer that is content with "winging it" out there on the stage, the rest of the band should get together with the set list. Usually the band starts the tune so after each tune, just seque into the next tune on the list. She'll be forced to follow you guys. And if she doesn't like it, kick her off the stage, literally, and tell her to "read the crowd."


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this whole thread makes me glad that I don't have to deal with "prima donna" singers. The singers in the bands I have been in were always team players...even helping with load in and out, and hanging around before and after the show.

I would probably be very quickly kicked out of a band with a snowflakey/prima donna type singer.

Hell, dealing with guitar players is bad enough!


I've dealt with singers who want to do their own thing... I just click off into the 'correct' song and the band follows me. It's pretty easy