How can I get a cracked cymbal sound?


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I recently have noticed that in some recordings or specific rooms, a cracked cymbal works and sounds great to me. The decay is not long and hissy like your normal cymbal, and the initial attack is like a hi-hat but heavier, trashier, and not so refined and crisp. I love the sound and would love to have a cymbal that can recreate these elements in more consistent manner, but all I find online is "repair". Can someone point out to me a cymbal that has that "type"of sound?


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A cracked cymbal (as noted above)

A stack

A taped up small to medium-sized China cymbal (I have a cheap 12" I use for this)

Or, combine and compare- maybe two cracked cymbals in a stack, maybe a cracked cymbal with one that has rivets, buy some cheapies and start drilling and cutting...
The search is worth the battle, imo. ;)