How are burst finishes on drums applied?


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I've heard some people say that the finish is dyed and then clear coated. Looks to me like maybe they use a tinted clear coat and fade it to the edges of the drum. I've painted a few drums over the years using auto paint, not Krylon in a can but sprayed through an actual gravity gun like you would paint a car or I've seen in the drum factory video tours.

My idea would be to first cover the shell with a clear coat to seal it and then use a tinted clear to put whatever color you want on it so you can see a little of the wood grain through it. What do you think? Anyone that knows how the big guys do this I'm very curious.


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Light colors are sprayed first,and then gradually,darker colors,which are then sealed in a clear coat.Burst finish is actually stains,so it must be applied directly to the wood.

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I don't know thier processes, but if I were to try to duplicate a burst finish I would use stains and not paints. Thus avoiding any primers. The stain would also be translucent so the wood grain will still show through on the lighter colors. I would apply the stains with probably a low volume high pressure spray gun to fade colors into one another applying lighter colors first going to dark. I would finish it off with a clear laquer.

For example, my drums are a Sunburst Tobacco fade. They go from a sun yellow to a orange/red to dark brown. I would apply the yellow first, then blend and fade in the orange /red and then fade and blend in the dark brown. Then the laquer.

This in theory is how I would attempt it if I were to try to apply a burst finish.


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I saw a good video demonstrating the application of a burst finish the other day:
I hate drums that look like furniture.

That said, a heavy quilting in purple, or a cedar with a sunburst just stop me dead in my tracks and have me drooling.

One day I will own a purple fade. Been staring at them for years now. Absolutely my very fav furniture treatment to a drum.

Very nice, buddy. Thanks SO much for sharing.