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While I've never come across a house kit that's looked like the lone survivor of a nuclear attack, I have seen some poorly maintained ones in my time. I've never aired complaints though. I think a confident player can sit behind any rig and make it work, as long as it isn't held together by bubble gum and cake icing.

It can be somewhat refreshing, in fact, to strip drummers of their customary status symbols. Remove their elite badges and lofty logos, and you see what they're really made of. Everyone looks good in a brand-new Ferrari, but in a dilapidated Ford Focus, you'd better know how to drive.


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Carboard, duct tape, and hope. It's how we used to fix things at Ford.
I should tell my neighbors. They have lots of dead Fords. They must be using the wrong parts!


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I always bring my own breakables, a throne and a couple of cymbal stands when I know I'll be playing a house or a backline kit. I also bring spare cymbal sleeves since they're missing from the house kit 80% of the time.

Further to that, I set my kit up differently on a regular basis so that I never get too comfortable with any one configuration. I don't want to be thrown by a 4 piece setup when I'm used to a 5 piece, and so on.


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The phrase "be like" is a FAR bigger abomination than that drum set.

absolutely...needs to erased from the lexicon ASAP

and that kit looks like MANY of the kits my new student parents will find online, and then ask: "is this a good buy?"


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I’m sure we’ve all had a similar experience...View attachment 101888
That's a Sonor kit!

Sonor are great drums!

It looks like the kit in the practice space of the only original band I've been in. They were Sonor as well. One of the worst kits I've played, EVER. I had to put 2 of the floor tom legs in my shoes to get a little sustain from it. When some bass player tells me he has vintage Sonors I could use....the picture I had in mind, and what I actually saw, were light years apart

What a dog. Really close to what's pictured.

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If I’m not mistaken, hidden under all that crud and abuse is one of these bad boys... I imagine some people just find the finish too much and immediately open a can of Moony on ‘em... :unsure:


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I heard a guy on a podcast a while back down in Nashville that was a drummer and kept going from house kit to house kit and dealing with all the deferred maintenance etc. on the kits and like everyone else was annoyed. Well he asked a club owner if he could come in off hours and maintain the kit if he would pay for parts or something.....they guy gave him a shot and then all the clubs on the strip started paying him to maintain and tune their house kits. I think he worked a deal with Mapex or something as well for some house kits..........I respected that hustle as it is a huge need .

I've played a few house kits in my day and have lived through all the crap many of us have......the bass drum that will never stay put no matter how large a speaker or amp is in front of it so of course the 2 mounted toms would go with it. Start the song with it in normal position....4 mins later you are playing a "chopper" kit with your leg fully extended to reach the pedal now that the kick drum moved 2' forward.........

Good times.......good times......
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That yellow and black set looks like someone took a Tony Williams Yellow set and flung tar at it

As I said in another thread, that paint scheme on an SQ2 is like painting flames on a Ferrari 488 in your garage..........