House drum kit


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The place where I am at now had a Gretsch Catalina set that was less than two years old. It was hammered. Wasted heads, snare rash on all three toms, broken cymbals, and generally horrible. I played it two weeks.

For the last year, I have brought my own kit. It stays in the church mostly, and about every three months I bring a different kit. I usually bring my snare, stick bag and cymbals home each week.


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It sure got LOLTEENAGERS in here recently.
Ha! Yeah, it did. According to a different thread, it sounds as if you aren't one of them. So hopefully you don't take offense at it.

I'm pretty fortunate drumwise at my church in that the kit is in really good shape with nice cymbals (Sonor 2007 with Zildjian A cymbals) Not long after I started playing there they let me buy new heads for it. They also realize that they do need to be changed on a semi-regular basis.

I like the kit so much that I almost thought of purchasing a Sonor for myself a while back. I still usually bring my own pedal and snare though.


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I played at the Dublin Castle in London about a month ago with my band and used the house kit (I used my own snare, pedals, and cymbals). The kit was falling apart and the sound engineer told us it had been brand new in November. Some people think it is okay to abuse equipment simply because it doesn't belong to them. Sad really.


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It sure got LOLTEENAGERS in here recently.
Well, we generalize. Certainly teenagers aren't the only ones beating snot out of drums and cymbals (check out the thin cymbal vs. thick cymbal threads for example). And I know plenty of teenagers with some pretty advanced senses of dynamics and touch.

The teenagers we're talking about, however, are not necessarily drummers. They're kids who are siting at the drums and beating on them with whatever's at hand, not really playing them. As I stated earlier, I caught one teenager beating on a church drumset with a pair of toilet plunger handles, he had already broken a rack tom head, and didn't seem to understand that someone would have to replace it.

But as far as I know, it was adults who scratched and gouged heck out of that nice gentleman's beautiful Pearls. I would say ignorance and lack of consideration knows no bounds. But for some reason, you very rarely see these people beating up guitars.

Now, in clubs, those kits take abuse for an entirely different reason. Some drummers are destructive in style. I refuse to say whether that's good or bad, it's the way they choose to play, and if it's their own set, more power to them and I hope they can afford their style. But I think on a house set, it's ridiculously inconsiderate and childish. As drummers, we can do better. This is why the caricature of us is a barbarian, or Animal from the Muppets.


I've never had the luxury of sitting in on a house kit because I'm a lefty drummer and feel totally lost behind a right hand kit. If pressed I generally just switch the snare, HH, and Floor Tom around. But for the most part I was allowed to throw my own kit up on the stage just because of that reason. That has worked for gigs with multiple bands or sitting in for someone for a night. But I've never been able to go to a jam session and just sit in for a song or two because of the left handed menace, Spiney