Hong Kong!


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Soon i will be making a visit to my little chinese lady (girlfriend) in hong kong!

i've been a few times before but the only places that i found anything interesting (drum wise) was at a music store called "Tom Lee". Apparently this is their largest chain too, which i find slightly saddening as i wanted to find a very large store.

But, to my question! Does anybody live in HK, or staying there momentarily that knows the best place to go to for fun as a drummer? Of course i know that i can go to some venues, but i'm pretty sure that i won't be welcome to bang on the drums there hah. Or better yet, is anybody staying there willing to meet up and just do some chatting about drums, or show me their chops?! I'll have plenty of free time since my girlfriend will be working on the weekdays, and i'll be on vacation, plus i'll be there for about 29 days...

If nobody is in that area, i'll just be here on the forums, learning more and possibly making some videos!

P.S. I am not a zombie. i'm friendly!


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I've spent a great deal of time in Hong Kong. It's a very stratified society there. A highly sophisticated kind of "old boy network" with lots of rules.

I first went there as a consultant for some Chinese production companies. Worked with some bigshot entertainment lawyers and went to a lot of Hong Kong showbiz parties. At one of them, when I mentioned I played the drums, the hostess gave me what I've since learned to recognize as the Chinese Put Up or Shut Up look and showed me to the music room in her house where, among various keyboards and guitars, a Yamaha maple stage custom set, um, sat.

Luckily, I hadn't gotten too drunk yet, so I played a little groove...and was soon joined by the other musicians at the party. Since then, every time I've gone back I've hung and gigged with some amazing players.

But I couldn't force my way in. I had to prove myself, and then they asked me. I still don't play unless they ask me.

If your girlfriend knows local pros, make sure you meet them ASAP...and then wait for the Put Up or Shut Up thing to happen.

Good luck and have a great time!


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i'll definitely have to keep an eye out for that to happen to me hah! I figure that i don't have to try to hard to get it since i'll be talking about drums so many anyhow..

Just really hope that i can find the right people to talk to! I'm gonna explore the little music scene they got out there, at least i'll try to! But unfortunately she works for a company that oversees multiple different brands of sporting goods.. so maybe there will be some golfy big wigs, but not sure if any of them will have anything to do with music!