homemade rivets


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I want to put rivets in my cymbal without putting in too much money or alot of dirty work. does any have any good methods or subsitutes for this. also i used a beaded chain that i found laying around as a sizzler on my cymbal and it sounds pretty kickass!


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I went to the hardware store bought rivets and put them in my cymbal. CAUTION...
Make sure the cymbal is anchored down, and put a wooden block under the cymbal where the drill is to keep it from flattening out. when finished remove any burrs from the under side to prevent cut fingers. Put the split rivets in and spread them out a bit to keep them from falling out. do not use pop rivets, use these.


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right on! it lets you get a preview of what it will sound like with permanent rivets as well. I use it live, cause 1 song out of 20 of ours I want a sizzle ride. tape it on there, when the song is done, put the nickel in my pocket and play the rest of the gig (and I dont want to drill holes in my prized 1977 Paiste ride)!


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Another alternative is bathtub/sink plug chain. Just take a length and hang it around the wing nut/cymbal stock.

None of these gives you exactly the sound of rivets (and nickel rivets sound different from brass...) but you can get a rough idea.


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I have a Sabian prototype that had rivets. I took them out a while ago because I liked the sound without. This past weekend, I was helping my student record a demo DVD for a university jazz audition. For the ballad, I didn't have any good size rivets, so I put a few nails in the holes. They fell out eventually, but it got the job done for the DVD.

For a cymbal that doesn't have any holes, the chain or coin will work too.