Homemade or store bought sizzlers!!


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Hello peeps, I’m looking for a homemade method (or) the best store bought method to making your cymbals sizzle like the old school cymbals that had built in holes with rivets around the outer edge of the cymbals….. or where to by a 12” or a 14” or 16” Zildjian cymbals that still sells them with the rivets (built in)?
Any ideas???

No Way Jose

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Somebody broke a guitar string so I twisted it into a loop at one end and every 3 cm looped a steel nut. The thing works well and it didn't cost me anything.


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Big fan of these:

I like the light model to emulate rivets in a jazz cymbal and the regular one to add sustain to crash cymbals.
I bought them, maybe it was you who suggested them as the closest thing to rivers but I don't like it too much but I have never heard a cymbal with rivets anyway, so? But Images with your report, big one adds sustain and small one give an extra sizzle. Maybe I think it doesn't bring a big difference compared to China!a that are already bringing a lot of natural sizzle like the Meiñl Foundry reserve or the Sabian Artisan light of the Sabian ultra thin hammered that I have.
But if you look into a new sound, that's a nice one for sure.


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You can send your cymbal to Zildjian and they will install rivets, I just did it this past week and it came out nice. They have a contact on their homepage. They have special machine to stamp it (rather than drill). If you have a special expensive cymbal, I suggest getting it professionally done. Every hand drill hole I ever made eventually cracked further.