Home made bell chime


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2 Home made bell chimes (updated 02 of march)

Right well I had a cracked up old ZBT cymbal that I wasn't using any more:

Since the latest fashion seems to be having these little bell chime things, I decided to make my own.

Here it is in situ:

I measured it to be about 13.3 cm in diameter, or approximately 5¼" (with an acircularity of about 0.4 mm). Here is a video of how it sounds:


I actually made one of these before, but without the use of an angle grinder I couldn't get the edges circular and it sounded rubbish lol. The edges are quite good so all I need to do with it now is polish it up with a bit of polish to get rid of the scratches and hopefully the annoying residue of that sticker. Thanks for reading, EH :)
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That looks great....how do you cut cymbals with an angle grinder....I have some old ones I might try to "repair"


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I've had one of those I cut out of an old Pearl 16" crash for about 25 years now. I cut mine with tin snips, no angle grinders around when I was 15... for all that it sounds not bad. A great way to repurpose a broken cymbal.


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Very resonant, probably due to accuracy in cutting the circle. Great salvage of destroyed cymbals!