holy crap, holy crap! I sound like something!


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I just have to share this...So, since I started to learn to play and take lessons 6 months ago, I've been practing rudiments and all hand stuff on the pad.

I never tried anything on a real snare, mostly because I've had an ekit all this time, and then a couple of weeks ago my wife got me my first accustic kit (6 piece Pearl Vision birch).

At the end of the first section on the Drum Method book volume one, there are a couple of pages of some marching stuff which utilizes what was learned so far: five stroke roll, nine stroke roll, and flams. I have been doing it the whole time on the pad. I got very comfortable doing it at 130 bpm or so.

Then, yesterday, I had the epiphany of actually trying it on the snare, just for giggles.

I almost fell of my chair in disbelief. Because 130 is not fast by any means, I never thought much of it... BUT..., it sounded like something, reminded me of these parades I was in when I was kid, and I remember listenening to the snare drummers going TRRRA-TA-TA-TA-TRRRA-TA-TA-TA.... and being completely fascinated as to how could they do that so fast and cleanly (I should have realized by then drums were my thing, but it took me 30 years to realize it).

Anyway, now here I am, going TRRRA-TA-TA-TA myself, and it sounds like something! shit!


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Fantastic stuff! Just reading your excitement is making me excited!

It's heart warming to see this kind of thing, it's exactly what drumming is about, having fun and getting excited!

I remember getting to a point like that when I was learning, that realisation that you sound like a "proper drummer" rather than just making noise, amazing feeling for sure.

Thank you, I'm going to have a blast on the kit tommoro :)



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You are a lucky man to have your wife buy some drums... and Pearl Visions nonetheless. Those are pretty good drums man! Congrats on the drums and the epiphony. I too am inpired by your story.


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Congrats! As a new drummer myself, I can't wait to actually reach such an epiphany myself. Keep up the good work!