Hollywood Drum Show


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Today was day 1 of the show. I decided to see what it was all about and took my camera along. So, while you're all waiting for Ron Dunnett to do a much better job, here's a link to my own coverage of this event to tide you over. Hollywood Drum Show - 2009

Overall the show was smaller than I expected. From last year's coverage, this year seems smaller. I overheard lots of references to the poor economy so maybe that had an effect. Also, the show is billed as being custom and vintage focused. To be honest, I saw little in the way of vintage gear.

Anyway, it was still a huge room full of drum gear and they raffled off some surprisingly cool prizes. I managed to leave with a really nice 16" inverted china from Bettis Custom Cymbals


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I was there today too.

Yeah, not much vintage gear at all. I didn't go last year, but I had gone a few years back, and I remember seeing much more vintage stuff in the past. But then again, it's not like someone can just make vintage drums appear.

Still, I had a good time, other than it was unusually hot for mid-October (especially since last week it was down right cold), and the clinics were outside.


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Hey Julian,
It's too bad I missed you. I was helping out at the both right next to Matt's cymbals. He has some cool cymbals. It's nice to see that you got one.