Hoglan interview..


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I expected something different. Hoglan was very relaxed..confident..informative..etc. I was impressed actually. Initially I thought na...i need to go get a bite..its been a long day at work but I'm glad I listened. I felt a kind of kinship with the guy. Very nice.


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That was good. He's right about drummers and tempo (and a drummer can get excited) -can outpace everyone else-plenty of times a singer or some member of a band can't sing or play a song at it's original tempo. I like his attitude about meeting needs of band too- don’t step on others creative toes


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He is a down to earth guy, no doubt, and with a lot of good toughts and tips. I feel we think alike on a lot of things, like visualisation (I don't get to practice at home, so in my case I visualize all the time, listening to new songs/riffs, get the structure down and practice in my head, so I can go play it together with the band later on) the mental part of drumming being the most important, creativity flow vs. holding back. Playing about the same type of music, I find it very interesting to listen to him... Good stuff. One of my favorites out there today.
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