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i want to make a band but there arnt any good guitarists at my school... i could play guitar with my frined playing drums but i would rather play drums... I may have to be the singer(screamer) because i dont know anyone my age who can sound almost like george fisher... im rambling but what should i do, i really want to make a band. Almost nobody likes the music i listen to lol

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Check out your local music shops. Ask the employees about where to find "musicians seeking bands." It has never failed for me.


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With a population of 68K in Edmond, you should be able to find a few cats to jam with. Run and answer adds in Craig's list. Like TG suggests, music stores (both instrument and CD), and for that matter, most laundry mats and coffee shops have "poster boards".


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i agree with harry, make an ad in the OKC craigslist, music stores, like Guitar Center, in the OKC one, by the bathroom in the back there is a massive board with all these band banners and ads for musicians..

if you are serious bout it, try it out..