Hitting a creative wall

I've been drumming for almost two years now, i'm happy with my abilities thus far, but as of late introspection, i've concluded to the dilemma that i've become stagnant with creativity and such forth.

its like im playing the same things over and over again, just with a different twist as the day should entail.

any suggestions?


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browse through the endless amounts of video here on the main page. You can always gleen new stuff from the long list of pros.


I would say that you are not hitting a "creative roadblock". It is simply a increase in awareness as to the substance of what you are playing and you are not happy with what you see. I have gone through that same situation and that is the conclusion I have come to from personal experience. I also recognize that that entire notion is coming from a place of arrogance in that you think your playing is top notch but in reality it isn't and you are struggling to see that reality with any form of acceptance.

BTW, I give this advice/insight in only the most constructive sense possible.


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The cure is:

- Occasional breaks from playing

- Listening to Tons of Different music

Don't get too disappointed out over it. We all go through this in cycles.

Now - go to Amazon MP3 and find something you don't usually listen to.
So in capitulation, i just need to get literal about improvement, correct?

after all, you can only pussyfoot the learning process so much before you reach a fork in the road haha


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When this happens to me, I pull out a book and force myself to play a regimented practice. Soon enough, my rebellious nature gets antsy at being forced to play a regimented curriculum, and I start thinking of things I'd rather play. Roadblock broken through.


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My friend send me some of the music he plays, and i acutally liked it once, so i found some more from the same band, and started to practise the songs a little. So know im doing some odd number beats instead of some of the more casual rythms i normally play.

If im bored, i start inventing some cool fills :p Sometimes i search the tube for something i could do too. I Suggest just trying to learn more really helps. If I really want to do something else, i start tuning, cause I suck at tuning...
I am not bashing you .. But there are so many ideas on the internet it would take 1000 lifetimes to explore. A creative wall after only 2 years of drumming.. With all the info out there it, just doesnt make sense to me.>????

Go and see live bands.. Drummerworld in itself should give you ideas for a life time.. Open 1 door, and it makes you see you have 10 more to open. And so on..

I hope I aint preaching.. I just feel there is much info now, that you should not be in this situation..

I am 60 and from a small town.. I had nothing to go by when I started. A Ringo, or a Charlie Watts record.. And the only drum teacher within 100 miles was a polka drummer with out time..

I have learned more in the last 10 years then ever before. Mostly thanks to the net..

Man I sound like an old fart..lol..
Break on thru to the other side.. It will come. Best of luck


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Listen to all of....yeah I know thats not possible...but thats the point.Revisit the giants,and if you're in a band...go jam with other people.Play with as many different people an styles as possible.

And lastly...as Don said..I'm not bashing you but with technical ability and skill,comes creativity,because now you have more chops to choose from and the tool box gets bigger.Someone just posted an excerpt from an interview with Vinny and he says in it that the the mind learns faster than the body...it takes time to build up muscle memory.Thats absolutely true.Manual skills need to be practiced constantly.Set goals and practice your butt off till you get there...and then ...set another goal,and don't be afraid to push your self.

Yeah ..I know I sound like Tony Robbins but that is one of the things that seperates good/passable drummers from great ones.

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