High energy groove from Cindy Blackman...

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Hi DrummerFriends

Today I came across this video while brownsing on YouTube for my daily "dose of drumming" as usual. :)

Cindy Blackman is laying down such an energetic and wonderful groove for the first 3:30 part of this video and it's so contagious that I thought I'll share it with you, enjoy!!!


Andy (KIS), if you're watching this, check out how she's dealing with drumsticks cock-ups, it's happening twice :)
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Love Cindy Blackman, one of my favourite female drummers. great to see even the pros drop sticks but it didn't even phase her :)


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Cindy is one of my favorites. She's also a really nice person.
Her CD's are good listening!

The pattern/lick at the first stick drop was cool (it all sounds cool....).

I started loosening my top hat cymbal some years ago after seeing her and Keith Carlock (also a really nice person) with them loose like that.
Took a little getting used to, but they sound better to me than when they are tighter, and you can crash them easier.


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Honestly, I always wondered if the hot chick with the big Afro playing drums for Lenny Kravitz was a bit of a gimmick. After watching this video, I'm humbled both as a drummer and a musician. Through the first fourth of the video, I was like, so what, I could do that. Everything in the second half was nothing short of amazing. Buddy Rich came to mind as she swung (is that a word?) with great mastery. Also, her single stroke rolls are what we all strive for. She is definitely famous for a reason. She is one great drummer!

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great to see even the pros drop sticks but it didn't even phase her...
The pattern/lick at the first stick drop was cool..
Yes the first stick drop at 3:16.... what amazed me, it's the single (left) handed fill she does while grabbing a new stick, even if a planned to drop my stick, I couldn't do that fill with my left hand :))

...and something else! :)
...me too! ;-))

She once responded to my email, so I thought I had a chance...
So, was your email a marriage proposal to her? :))
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