High angle ping ride mount


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I have taken to mounting my 24A ping ride at a high angle and clamped. Almost like a China. My friend was always clamping it down whenever he played it. I'm starting to understand why. Does anyone else do this? Bummer the Drummer from the KC street band does, I can find some videos, if anyone is interested. I thought it looked cool, but kind of weird when I first saw it.

It seems the cymbal sounds better when the stick is going into and away from the bow, also I think the clamping makes it sound better at lower volumes. Maybe the ride is fairly stiff, and the clamp gets it to bend into the higher modes with less effort? A side effect is that the bell is easier to reach, and I can get more out of the bell than a shoulder hit. When I mount it kind of high to be able to ding the edge, I feel like its a gong.


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Yeah, Ndugu has a similar technique to what I am talking about on his ride, he gets a nice ride sound without hitting it hard. Though he doesn't seem to clamp his ride down as much. He mounted his crash too.
He claims it is more ergonomic for his old.

When Chad did it, I think he clamped it down pretty tight.

I guess Nico McBrain did this as well.