Hierarchy at various manufacturers?

He popped up on my radar in 1977, Judas Priests "Sin After Sin".
Well. TIL Simon Phillips played on a Judas Priest album. Huh. I recently re-read his first (I think) Modern Drummer interview from sometime in the early 80s, and I don't recall him talking about that! (Which isn't to say he didn't, of course.)
Funny, I've been a fan of Simon Phillips since the first time I encountered him, which I think was back up Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck at the Secret Policeman's Ball, the Amnesty International show with Monty Python members, Pete Townshend, Phil Collins, Sting and so on. Or maybe it was on Townshend's Empty Glass album? Either way, he was one of those rare drummers who, within a few measures of seeing/hearing him for the first time, I thought, oh, yeah, I dig this guy. But I'm not sure I would have quite categorized myself as a fan, per se, in that I don't think I've ever bought a record just 'cuz he was on it, or that I'd be able to identify his playing just from hearing a few bars.

And then I listened to that track. And it's so clearly him, from the very first. God, what a player.
Yeah, I only heard of the 801 Live album for the first time, I don't know, maybe four or five years ago? (Although I think he does mention it in the MD interview and I just glossed over it.) And, I mean, Phil Manzanera, Brian Eno and Simon Phillips? It's almost like a parody of an art-rock supergroup, it's such a crazy awesome lineup.

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So, I have said this before on this forum .... I can't see spending more on a kit than the Tama Imperialstar line. They sound fantastic and the HW seems like it will last forever. I think other more expensive drums look (much) nicer then the wrap on my Poplar shells .... but in a studio or in a live venue I dont think the sound or durability would be an issue. Probably true for most of the "bottom" line of sets from Gretch, Yamaha, PDP/DW and others. Once you pay over $1,000 for a kit ... its really more for the look, right? Not saying that's bad. Just my opinion anyway.
can i ask what other kits you’ve played that makes you think that an imperial star is the ultimate kit


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Check out the track "Dissident Aggressor".
The tom flams on the 8th note triplets at :46. They sound like they're tumbling down a flight of stairs.
First two are syncopated (on the "and" of 3 and 4) and the last two are on the 2 and 3 quarter notes of the next bar. Simple and beautiful.
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