Hidden Gem horror movies


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I love good horror movies, like ones that make you think a little or have such a big twist at the end. I just like good stories and good acting in movies that are sort of off the beaten path (usually Blumhouse and A24 movies):

Creep - This one is such a sleeper! I've known people just like Mark Duplass's character.

Midsommar - I always like cult-based movies for some reason. This one is fun.

Train to Busan - I'm not a fan of zombie movies, but this one was great. It's very unforgiving.

Hereditary - I need to watch this one again at some point.

How about you? What are some of your favorites?


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Midsommar and Hereditary were creepy. Midsommar was in my head for days after watching. Freaky!

Man, I watched The Ring when it first came out, and it had me messed up for days. It's like it got worse for me a day or two later. PG-13 my butt! 🤣 I've watched bits and pieces of it since then, and it's no big deal now.


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Posting to follow.

Horror is my favorite genre. My external hard-drive consists of 2tb or b-rated horror.

I am a huge fan of the evil dead series, maniac cop, re-animator.

most recently, Mandy, was a really fun watch.


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Killer Clowns was amusing and the The Brain That Wouldn’t Die was also quite amusing.
Re-Animator was a hoot too.
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Love horror...
.... but as I've matured in movie watching, I am much more discerning on Good vs. Bad vs. meh.
Here are some I definitely recommend...

Cube: One of my fav horror thinkers.

Hush: Interesting take on home invasion

It Follows: just creepy

The Ritual: slow burn creepiness

Cargo: a very different ‘zombie’ flick

His House: Fresh version of a haunted house

Fear Street Trilogy

The Platform
: Not only bizarre in concept, but disturbing.

The Descent: awesome chills through to the end


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The Conjuring (1 & 2)
We Are Still Here
Bodies Bodies Bodies
Apostle (dir. Gareth Evans)
The Invitation
House of the Devil
The Others
The Orphanage
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